Spiritual Warriors

Well evil is everywhere and walks among us and it is pervasive.  It is upward striving of the spirit that opens our eyes to the grip of darkness.  But what is the point of knowing and seeing the depth of evil?  To realize that we are in a celestial war of good and evil on a grand scale. There are no passive onlookers – we all are participants in one way or another… Continue reading “Spiritual Warriors”

Religions Are Not A Path To God

People flock to Religions, although they did so in greater numbers in the past, because they have been programmed to be like lemmings, like sheep. Hence, the word sheople! And they have been programmed to follow a leader or leaders who convince them that they know better than the followers do, possibly because they have studied subjects of the Cultivated Ignorance and been mockingly, spuriously empowered by other heads of the clergy to take the lead.
Now, consider these assertions I make which are based on the truthful, but often obfuscated, functions of Religions:

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Fear of Mortality

The situation, as you may well appreciate, is far more complicated than this simple outline that I have written here. (If you are interested, read more of my work.)  I am the first to admit that this, at first glance, is a frightening scenario, even for prepared minds. Hence, my assertion that what is happening now, today, is the Greatest Challenge to each of us still on the globe. It is the challenge to our Physical Mortality. Continue reading “Fear of Mortality”


These essays and all my writings are to awaken people to their own truth within. The facts of extant History and of the current plight of the planet are mere details.
It is the energy within the writings that is to awaken you and set you on the path of connection with your Higher Self and its Nous. If you have no Higher Being or Inner Nous, these writings are mere words that you will want to argue about. I am not here for that.

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The Metaphysical Mind

In True Beings there are two minds:
1. The INNER MIND present in the Inner Divine Nucleus of Permanent Atoms, given to them by the Absolute Creator along with His Essence This mind is part of the mind of the Absolute. Depending on the combination of the 7 Essences, it has potential for unique expression, experience and personality. It has certain characteristics which cannot be erased.  It has awareness of the Absolute, of its creative power, potential, bliss and presence of the 7 Essences. It knows its source and has a blueprint.  It has permanence. It cannot be destroyed or interfered with except by the Absolute.  It has a Divine Heritage, the ability and right to return to the Absolute and be part of the Absolute.

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Mind Programming 2

The disharmony felt by the True Beings is actually a product of evil scheming. The emotional body monitors all input and output. Hence, an external input which conflicts with the influences of the Essences will always give discord. Therefore, the True Being will cut off. Either the evil input is altered, or the output of the Divine Nucleus is. The latter is easier to block in this environment because of the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination. Evil programming occurs by extensive means in this realm as other sections of the writings demonstrate.

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Mind Programing 1

Programming of the Inner Mind is done by the Divine Essences instilled in it at its creation. This programming reflects the Will of the individual’s Divine Creator. Programming of the outer mind is done by external agents and these can belong to either of the opposing sides, Good or Evil. The inner programming is a direct pathway to the Will of the Divine.

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Metaphysical Realities

We have reached a point in time in this physical dimension when each and every one of us must crystallize, through our own personal efforts for ourselves, that Reality which Absolute Truth can give.  For now just accept this fact: True Beings have struggled for many, many reincarnations to reach this point.  It is now up to us to define reality. As I said these volumes can only be a stimulus to the outer mind to begin or accelerate the process of realization. Continue reading “Metaphysical Realities”

Survival Planet

As I wrote long ago: “No amount of rationalizing will erase the fact that this is a very evil place, that it exists upon a basis of dog eat dog and that it thrives on unfair and unjust methods of exploitation.  It is not simply survival of the fittest at all. It is a place of survival of the most evil and of those who can unashamedly steal the energy from others best of all.

There is nothing on this planet worth preserving.  There is nothing which is pure enough to be of value in a truly Divine dimension.”


Personal crises, mid-life or otherwise, appear to be a necessary occurrence in the Awakening Process as one begins to see through the Veils of Maya, through the sham of what the Evil Empire presents as Reality.  Not all such crises are spiritually orientated of course. Many have crises as they see the end of youth’s thought of physical immortality and plunge even more recklessly into the pursuit of self-gratification. This the psychiatrists can understand, for they are in the same group to be sure. Continue reading “Crises”

The Essence of What’s Going On

I suggest that if you are timid or easily upset by descriptions of the ferocious Reality we are being forced to live in, you do not continue reading this essay. Rather, try to tap into your ‘soul” and ask for guidance in these horrendous times through which we are entrapped and ask yourself what the Endpoint of it all may be. Continue reading “The Essence of What’s Going On”

Unsolved Anger

Each on this plane has suffered in countless ways, some more than others. Some have managed to resolve the negative emotions stimulated by the pain, suffering and misery they have been subjected to and witnessed, others have not. Many are so badly scarred, they are dysfunctional, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Many are wrecks, in the wings of life, being unable to cope any longer, terrified by thoughts of having to re-experience that which affected them severely. Continue reading “Unsolved Anger”

Gnostic Thought in History

Many have noted that the similarities between the Zend-Avesta and the Vedas are far reaching, linguistically and conceptionally. A complex mythology is evident in both, with a duality of demons and Beings of Light. They are Gnostic in essence as are the Mithraic, Orphic and Hermetic Mysteries. Consider this quote: “And each creature will stand by its respective creator. Human life and all cosmic phenomena involve continuous battle between these two forces. By self consecration of the Light, self-purification, those of the Light are assisting in the final triumph over Darkness. And ultimately the dark spirits and its minions in reality will be destroyed.” This is an extract many thousands of years old and is exactly like modern, unperverted Gnostic thought.

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The Key; The Cosmic War

“Wisdom is in the presence of the one who has understanding.”
All branches of knowledge have certain facts, laws and principles which are Keys to the understanding of that knowledge. These facts, laws and principles allow one to unlock the secrets within the particular subject and make it easily comprehensible, logical and obvious once the subject is mastered. Without these key facts, laws and principles the subject remains incomprehensible, illogical and of little use. So it is in metaphysics.

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Darkness and Ignorance

In this plane of ego, confusion, arrogance and ignorance the following paradox exists: In general, the more ignorant a person is, the more likely it is that he/she will think that he/she is knowledgeable. And the more knowledgeable a person becomes, he/she usually begins to realize, and admits, if not evil, how ignorant he/she really is in the face of the knowledge that awaits to be discovered and acquired. Many times we have been told that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This warning pertains to the subject of metaphysics also. The egotistical physical mind does not like to hear these things. Beware! The physical mind can be your greatest hurdle in the path to expanded awareness and to spiritual enlightenment. Fools judge in ignorance. Do not join their ranks.
Everything will be sorted out when it is time. There is no need to fear. Some have failed, some will move on, others will be returned to their own evolution when it is time.

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Between Physical Lives

Between physical lives, all True Beings have been still trapped in the Darkness of the Etheric, Astral and Demonic planes. At present, only the Consciousness of Avatars can escape the physical, and all its sub-dimensions, after death of the body, and return to a special locus outside of this dimension. How do I know that place exists? I have visited it.

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Who Is Who?

Many people query the ontological identity of themselves and others. Do not rely on the judgement of others. Learn to discern things for yourself. You know that if people deny the very existence of evil, or this war of essences that they are most probably evil. Alternatively, they may be True Beings who are so unaware and so programmed, polluted and indoctrinated that functionally they are no different from ontologically evil ones. Remember also that although only 70% are of an evil essence, most of the remaining 30% who were created of the Divine essence have become evil through their own volition and will also be transmuted. Hence, a very small percentage will continue into the New Dimension. Continue reading “Who Is Who?”

Evangelists Galore

“We are the true Religion” is the false claim of every denomination on this doomed Earth. Well, who are all those proselytizing Bible-bashers? Who are those Fundamentalists who claim every word of their version of the Bible is true and the very word of the real “God”? Who are those people who will prove a point, any point, by quoting the Bible, as Lactantius did? He proved, using the bible, that the world was flat. Continue reading “Evangelists Galore”

Ubiquitous UFOs

Space craft have always existed as have many other dimensions before this physical dimension was precipitated from more ethereal dimensions. When this “zone” was non-physical, the consciousnesses known as the “Ancients” traversed this space on spacecrafts similar to the ones which are being seen now and are called “plasma crafts”.

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The Crack In The Dyke

I want to discuss the subject of whether an Awakening en masse is really happening and, if some sort of an Awakening is happening, I want to examine what the nature of that awakening is and whether there are more appropriate types of awakening.  There may be more than one ‘awakening’ as we shall see, for it means different things to different people, again demonstrated by what some believe and others hope for.

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