China’s Future Role

When scanning daily newspapers via the Internet one has to wade through the filth set out to feed the demons, and the trivia to keep the robotic minds occupied and programmed, in order to connect the dots on developing trends or find an ounce of truth in the midst of the baloney and polluting propaganda.

 Is the intention of conquest and post war occupation not clear enough for you? Is America in the generation in which it will pay for the Zionist-inspired opium abuse of many generations of Chinese which destroyed millions of lives, and for its other sins?
We had continual reports, of course, of the intention of wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and many, many other nations and communities, etc., and the murderous sanctions for those who would not comply with the wishes of the Evil Masters of the Planet.


We have never had such a clear expression of what lies ahead between different classes of Archons.  If you need reminding that Archons are bellicose, just review the list of wars in which the USA involved itself and ask of yourself: Can warmongers really be children of God?:

 Now with our knowledge of false flag operations to initiate wars and bring supposed peace by inducing Terror and Retaliation, we know how the Archons live and cause others, even their own, to die, for they feed on the detritus of the dead!
As I have said many times, the evil rulers are programmed to self-destruct in this Endtime Period, bringing the planet to its long-expected demise, and this article tells us so explicitly.
Some of you may recall that in the 1990s I wrote repeatedly, that a stage was being set for the Archons to fight each other, but this time to their true death.
In them, I said the Reptilian Masters who had governed the USA for a long, long time were about to shift to China for a number of reasons and, by doing so, they would allow another group of reptiles, called the Vulturite Reptilians to take the reins of the abandoned USA.
Remember that all Reptilians are Evil. There are other groups of reptilians overshadowing the cardboard boxes on the planet, but these I mentioned above are the predominant two groups.
These two groups of Reptilians, controlling China and the USA respectively, are bitter natural enemies, more so than more sedate reptiles, and they are forever fighting. However, even though the Vulturite Reptilians are far more ruthless and deceitful, they have NEVER won a war against the group that abandoned the USA and went to China.
I said this in the shows and former articles, and I also said that China would become the dominant power on the planet in a few short decades.
That has already happened. The forecast has been fulfilled.
Their imminent conflict will engulf the whole globe. No one can or will remain neutral. Note Colonel Liu advised Australia to butt out! That was rhetoric, of course. China sees Australia as one big lucrative patch on their future landscape. To them, it is but one big source of coal, iron ore and uranium mines. So, what do you really think it wants to do with Australia really?
How did I know that this conflict would arise? How do I know anything?
At any rate, you will agree that China has made an almost unbelievable improvement in its status and role on the planet, economically, politically and militarily.
Some ten years ago, you may recall, a Chinese official had said that a major war between China and the USA (implying the WEST) was/is INEVITABLE.
I also said in the shows and essays that, seeing the Reptiles who are now so successful in China have never been defeated in a war with the Vulturites who rule the USA, the USA will lose this war too. And they WILL lose it. But in the end, all of Evil will lose.
Realize that these Reptiles are consciousnesses beyond the ‘human’ class 4 plane. They can, of course, incarnate into a body, overshadow it, or even possess it (demonic possession). Some of you, again as I predicted, are regaining your psychic vision and seeing these reptilian consciousnesses in human ‘cardboard boxes’.
Why did the Reptiles who controlled the USA move to China?  It was a matter of expediency. They realized the trapped robots in the USA were beginning to awaken and would be harder to control. We have now seen that this is so. More and more stringent measures are being implemented to contain the awakening sheople.
Conversely, in China, at that time, they had over one billion robots ready to be used as unquestioning workers and cannon fodder. They were not only asleep but ready to work hard to achieve material gain and National Prestige. And, of course, their progress would enrich and aggrandize their Reptilian Masters, as, in fact, has been the case.
In contrast to the meteoric rise of China that I predicted, the USA began a slide into cruelty, ruthlessness and decay which we have witnessed since the commencement of George W Bush’s Presidency.
That decline will continue inexorably. More pain, suffering and sorrow will be felt by those trapped in the USA as time proceeds, brought on by the actions of the vicious Reptiles that control them and the consequences of their foolish actions against the Superior Reptiles who now control China.
Tell me it is not so? Tell me you are enjoying the Land of the Free and the Brave as was promised to you in your childhood!
According to Colonel Liu, you will clearly see the intention by China to destroy the USA and its allies. Colonel Liu is warning Australia not to support the USA. But really no one is fooled. The intentions are clear.
 Such rabid talk is of unmistakable significance.
The USA seems to have grossly underestimated China’s power and this will be a fatal mistake.  This rhetorical and yet aggressive and confronting article follows another that is surely not more than a week old in which a USA spokesman assured the West that it, the USA, has the MORAL right to a NUCLEAR PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE AGAINST CHINA. It was in the context of the dispute by Japan and China about regional islands with the USA claiming it is supporting Japan.
In these days of satellites that can read newspaper print on the ground and of self-guided intercontinental nuclear missiles, what advantage can a Pre-emptive strike offer? 2-3 minutes? More like 0.25 seconds which is the average reaction time of a female operator to press the retaliatory button! Why a female? They have faster reflexes. Think about that Pre-emptive Strike and its fallacious advantage.
 The reason I drew attention to it is that it follows the precise pattern I had predicted long ago.  These Demonic Reptilian consciousnesses are purposely programmed to fight each other and self-destruct.  They WILL destroy most of the physical world around us and the cardboard boxes that count as Humanity.  Their EGOs rage. Ego is an evil creation.
Timing is not of great importance if you have understood my writings.
I recall a Chinese General saying less than 10 years ago that a confrontation of China with the USA is inevitable within 10 years. That 10 year period is almost up.
Be fearless! We all need to leave these cardboard boxes and Viables are to return Home.  The rest, failures, are as Wraiths awaiting spiritual dissolution upon their physical extinction.