A Hypocrite

For a hypocrite, protection of his or her ego is paramount, but that is the protection of the false image it wants to project about himself or herself. And a hypocrite therefore, under those circumstances, can be nothing but evil, regardless of what that individual tries to portray and no matter how many people that individual tries to fool.

Hence, you must ask: “Of what value is a hypocrite?” The answer is: “Of absolutely no value at any time, for it can never be trusted, because it is living in an evil illusion of its own creation”. You will never know when an evil hypocrite will cave in, so never trust a hypocrite.

They will always upset others that they meet. If they come into your group, you will find that they will misrepresent information; they will twist facts; they will expound half truths; they will exaggerate out of proportion. And this is because their nature is based on falsehood.

Hypocrites protect other hypocrites because the hypocrites help each other sustain the illusion. So if you see a being that you are not sure of but who does not retaliate when someone attacks the Light, the Truth or the warriors of Light, you know very well what their nature is. They are disguised hypocrites who are supporting the other hypocrites who attack the Light. If they were not evil they would not support others who attack the Light and the Truth and the warriors of Light.

They criticise, slander, attack behind your back because they are evil hypocrites,  They try to create dissension, disharmony, doubt, fear and discontent because that is in their nature, and they try to undermine power and authority, all in order to uselessly self-aggrandise their own ego.

You now know that that sign of hypocrisy is a danger sign to you, and you know what that hypocrisy truly means in spiritual terms. Tolerate dishonesty, insincerity and deceitfulness no longer. Do not excuse them away in anyone in whom they occur.

And do not accept the excuse that such things are a natural part of a frail human nature. It is not. It is very much a part of evil. Tolerate hypocrites at your peril.