A New Dimension

 Simon Peter asked him, “Lord, where are you going?” Jesus replied, “Where I am going, you cannot follow now, but you will follow later.”  Jesus was telling Peter that He was going back to the non-physical dimension from whence Avatars come.

By saying ‘you will follow later’, Jesus was explaining that on termination of the Physical Dimension, the non-Avatar viable consciousnesses would go with Him to that Dimension.
Those 13 little words that Jesus said contain
 i              the promise of Liberation and rescue of the Viables,
ii              Proof of the existence of Life after Physical death,
iii             The existence of Dimensions outside of the Evil Physical.
iv             Suggestion that Jesus was NOT of this world, and this, of course, tell us that He was a Divine Consciousness.
v              By saying ‘NOW’, Jesus suggested the existence of not only a different space (New dimension) but also a different time once the time and space of this evil dimension ceased.
Can the recently developed String Theory that is leading us towards a 27th dimension propel us into a non-physical locality like Quantum Physics seems to promise?
Quantum Physicists have a tendency to become Metaphysicians for the simple fact of encountering unknown time and space in which the quantum articles disappear. Metaphysics is the only field that will accommodate that which they observe.
Please read these papers and similar ones with caution for, in the main, they are written by minds that have not yet accommodated the Numinous as we have in these essays.  I reproduce them simply to support my point of the New Physics leading us to Metaphysical Science in which I have a PhD.

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