A Question of Magnitude

When we consider ourselves as individuals, we soon realize we are a very small fraction – infinitesimal really –  in comparison to the other physical structures in this vast universe.

Our bodies may be made of billions upon billions of atoms, etc., but there are billions of us on this planet alone. Then there are billions of Galaxies, with their own Stars and Solar System which have their own planets, populations, etc., etc. The vastness of space shrinks us into a unit far too little to be of any consequence. That may be so in the Physical. But spiritually, how are we to view ourselves?
The Ocean and water droplets are a good analogy. The Evil System destroyed all Lines of Communication between Units of Consciousness. The Lattice was fractured so that our consciousness could not connect with all other consciousness in the Universe. The Lattice served a very important function: we knew we were part of a vast pool of Consciousness. We were never isolated; we knew we were a connected droplet of Consciousness, expressing, experiencing and evolving with the infinite number of other consciousness, with whom we were always in contact. Then we, the Theomorphs were truly One.
When we were entrapped in the solidifying Evil Dimension, the first thing the Evil Mind did was destroy all the Lines of Communication. As well as that, we were placed in bodies that have a Filtering Mechanism which prevents us from knowing who and what we are, from remembering our past lives, from contacting our Inner Blueprint, from knowing we are of the One.
In the Pristine Conditions before the Celestial Error, we were the vast structures. We shared those consciousnesses, in the sense that we were able to instantly communicate with the Units of Consciousness in any vast structure as long as they were at the level our Units of Consciousness were at.
Vastness did not exist. Time and space did not exist as in this dimension for we were in instant communication. Thus shall it be when the Proper Order is restored. Thus each Divine droplet will be part of the Ocean. Each unit will be the Ocean of Consciousness for its particular level. I have explained varying levels and the concept of Bliss for each level in my books.
However, as I have also explained in my books, Units are all in graduating levels under normal circumstances. This graduated scheme has been destroyed by Evil. For example, now we feel alone, often lonely and disconnected. That is because we are cut off from every other Theomorphic viable consciousness and structure of manifestation.
Is there any evidence for what I say? Yes, indeed there is. Bell’s Theorem of Non-local Causality is a mechanism Evil did not destroy. Read about it if you do not understand it. It is no longer a Theory. It has been proven to be correct.