About Demons

Here are some points about Demons who were the second wave of beings created by the demiurge for very specific purposes.
1                     They control of the entire Universe with their totally evil nature.
2                     One of their functions is maximal exploitation of the trapped Theomorphs to drain them of their Divine Energy which was and is still needed to run this illicit Empire. The outer source of the Divine Energy has been cut off from it. I will discuss this is detail in the future.
The cut-off of Divine Energy that sustained the System, for Theomorphs were trapped in it, is the reason for the massive accelerated decay we now see in the Universe.  As I have explained elsewhere, Theomorphs have, in the main, been evacuated from this dimension. Read my essay called ‘The Phase of the Shells’.
3                     Demons are predators and spiritual vampires.
4                     They are instruments of a malignant, and very destructive, enforced exploitative scheme which eventually leads to the spiritual death of their victims who are the Theomorphs, and Robots that have turned to the Light.
5                     Demons are the ‘Chosen Ones’. They now make up 30% of the population since the Theomorphs were evacuated. A few remain to assist me in this work till the End.  This percentage of demons is increasing rapidly, for the demonic consciousnesses of other levels that are fracturing faster are coming onto this plane. As well as being born in infant bodies, they are possessing bodies and snatching them.
6                     They have no scruples. They murder at will. Thus you see how capable they are with these characteristics of culling the population as it suits them best. Now you know why they destroy populations as if they are playing a sport.  Look at how unscrupulously they dropped atomic bombs on innocent people AFTER WW2. The war was over. It was the energy released by suffering that they wanted.  Look at how they so easily murdered the 912 men, women and children in Jim Jones’ camp in British Guyana in 1978. Who did the demons blame?
Look at how they incinerated the inmates of Koresh’s compound in February 1993. 80 in all were burnt to death, including 24 children. Who did the demons blame for that?  Only demons can kill their own people as they did in 9/11 to gain an excuse to commit more murders.  History is punctuated by such cruelty and ‘inhumanity’. The can easily do these brutal things, because demons are not human!
Only demons can do these atrocious things. Make no mistake about it.
When you read about these episodes, ask yourself, ‘How close were Jones and Koresh to the truth?’   They both called the government members agents of Satan! Hummm.
7                     Demons think they are god! This is where the New Agers, most of whom are demons, get the idea that they are ‘god’ comes from.
8                     They are blind to the True Light.
9                     They do not respond to True Love.
10                 They are the Archons who control everything in this Universe, not just Earth.
11                 They are extremely bellicose and destructive.
12                 They are self-destructive, for that is their nature.
13                 Not one of them has turned to the Light for they cannot conceive the True Light.
14                 They are impregnated with 3 lusts which characterise them
i       Lust for Sex,
ii      Lust for Power over others
iii     Lust for Money.
        Now you see where the expression of the ‘Pure of Heart shall see God’.  One cannot be pure of heart with these lusts in one’s nature.
15                 They are all scheduled for transmutation.
In the final phase of this War of Essences, the Light has removed all constraints from the activities of the demons.  Thus you see unrestrained demonism exploding all over the Earth, and the whole Universe, for that matter. For the latter, you will just have to take my word for now.
Demons cannot control themselves.  They start wars which will destroy many.  All their evil activities will culminate in their own physical self-destruction.  Once they are out of the physical, they will be rounded up and placed in Transmutation vats.  They did not have a chance to turn to the Light for their Creator, the Demiurge, which goes by many other names, including Jehovah, built them to be blind to Truth and the Light. In that way he calculated they would be maximally destructive in their quest to rip energy out of his and their enemies, the Theomorphs.  Thus, in a sense, these beings were the victims of Pre-determination.
So, Pre-determination DOES exist.
When Augustine of Hippo wrote about this topic, he, a demon, had other things in mind. His was a direct attack on the Gnostics of his day who rejected him totally.  They knew he had no chance to see the Light let alone embrace it, for they, the Gnostics, knew he was a demon.  Thus, on being rejected, he mocked them saying ‘god’ has predetermined who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell!
What he did not know, for being a demon he had no knowledge of the two feuding creation, even though he was in the thick of that battle, was the fact that his evil creator, his demigod, had built him with no chance for salvation (actually liberation from this Hell).
And, after such a scathing attack on the Gnostics, what did the Catholic Church do to this demon?  It made him a Saint, a Doctor of the Church no less, and set about slaughtering all the Gnostics who knew the Truth.