About Gnosticism


Gnosticism is the subject which explains the existence of True Divinely created Beings (also called Permanent Atom beings ) and Counterfeit beings (false, mock beings, non-permanent atom beings) created by the evil demigod. It tells of True Beings trapped in an evil materialism. It exposes the existence of the two creations in this dimension – the True Theomorphic One and the spurious Counterfeit, temporary Evil one.

Through Divine knowledge, or Gnosis, True Beings can seek liberation via the mechanism of a Messianic Energy, the promised Redeemer. Gnosticism supplies the knowledge which explains the existence of Duality in essences and the identity of both Divine Beings and counterfeit beings. This ontological duality exists only in this sector, not throughout the whole of creation where evil has penetrated. 

This universe is only one of a large number of universes and that it is only one of a few which have been affected by the evil essence. Gnosticism tells how the Divine True Beings have been trapped in an evil materialism created by the rebellious demiurge, who then enslaved them and blocked their knowledge and memory of what had happened by various means. And it is by a reawakening to this knowledge called GNOSIS, that the True Beings can become aware and Liberated. With the NOUS (inner Gnostic knowledge) they can confidently await Liberation. They can see what has happened to them, and await the promised Messianic energy, the Redeemer, the expression of the “Father energy” to release them from the material entrapment.

 h-11The fundamentals of Gnosticism explain the Cosmic Duality in its present form from this level of perception and explain that there is a COSMIC WAR because of that duality. They explain also a polarization of essence and the eventual external manifestation of Good and Evil. 

 By GOOD is meant that which is of the Inner Mind, of the Divine Spirit and Light, of Divine Essences. EVIL is that which is opposed to the Divine Essences. It is of materiality, deception and darkness.

The history of Gnosticism is fairly obscure to follow in extant texts, mainly because texts have been greatly distorted. However, for all intents and purposes, it can be traced to the Hyperborians, who were members of the Ancients, that is, the Divine Beings who escaped the material manifestation as it was created by the rebellious demigod. And it was they who continually fed information of what had happened to the stuporous beings who remained trapped within the dimension. From that time to our era of recorded history, traces of the Gnostic knowledge can be found in the cultures and books of the following:

a. the Altaics, a race of Nomads in the Mongolian region,

b. the people of the Indus valley,

c. the Sumerians, the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Assyrians and others of that region and time.

d. the history of the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, the Middle East Christians, and Mediterranean peoples.

e. the Druidic movement of Ancient Britain.

f. the doctrines of Manichaeus.

g. the writings of Luria of Safaad.

h. the Essenes as revealed in the Dead Sea scrolls discovered in 1947.

i. the early TRUE Christians, as revealed in the Nag Hammadi library discovered in 1945.

j. the writings of Hermes.

There are many, many others. In fact, Gnostic thought is found in the history of any people of whom records exist. From the Altaics to the Hindi, knowledge of the war of Dualism remains as pseudo-mythology in the form of Rama’s exploits in the Ramayana, of Krishna’s in the Mahabharata, and, of course, in the production of the Puranas, Vedas, and Upanishads.

 h-53The present doctrines of Buddhism arose, not from the teachings and writings of Buddha, but from perverted documents which were substituted long after his death. No record exists earlier than 500 years after his death. His original teachings were Gnostic as were Zoroaster’s and Mohammed’s. The stories of these Divine Messengers were distorted as were the religious concepts of the western civilizations as they later manifested. The distortions gave rise to many Myths which, along the Indo-Iranian line, were used to formulate the eventual myths of Christianity as it is now, of Islam and of others.

 The radicals of the belief systems built around Mithra, Dionysus, Apollo, Tammuz, Jesus and others flow from these sources. From the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian history, many other myths have resulted. Some dealt with creation and the formation of the Zend Avesta from Zoroaster’s writings. The scriptures which remain have been greatly distorted, like all other writings.

 From the Chaldeans and Egyptians arose the myths of Isis, Osiris and Horus, and, of course, of Hermes. From the Greeks came Zeus and His Pantheon of Gods, the Giants, the Titans, etc. From the Altaic-Indo line, the Orphic, Mithraic and Apollonian myths and mysteries arose and influenced Judaism and Christianity greatly.

 All cultures have similar distorted facts of Primal myths (Valhalla, Odin, Manu, etc, etc). But these distortions are not simply myths. They are not stories which people made up. Why, may one ask, are they so similar in basic formulation? The answer is because they are not just myths. They were based on facts which became grossly distorted. They are inter-related stories of the one theme which some have erroneously called, as I said earlier, the Archetypal myths of man.

h-39From the Hebrews, later generations inherited the Old Testament, a compilation of distorted history and plagiarized earlier writings, including the myth of Genesis. The Judao-Christian traditions and myths have continued from there. Most of the heritage claimed to be of the Hebrews is from non-Hebrew sources. The Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes (at the time of Jesus) and the Nag Hammadi Library texts and other texts found this century describe the strong presence of Gnostic thought in those times. These help in linking these myths together.

 At about the time of Jesus and also long before, there had been a movement in Northern and Central Europe which extended to Britain and gave rise to Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and so on. Few records remain. This was the Gnostic Druidic movement. The myths arising from all of these are distortions of Gnostic knowledge.

In the third century AD, Manichaeus revived Gnosticism in Persia but very little remains of his pristine writings also. Recent discoveries at Turfan and Egypt have exposed the non-sensical spiteful distortion of his texts by evil so-called Christians who were hateful of the Manichees.

h-48In the 5th and 6th centuries, Gnosticism spontaneously reappeared and thrived again under the auspices of ‘Tullah (Merlin), King Arthur and Queen Gwenevere in Camelot. Various Gnostic Christians were scattered by the church which was being taken over by dark elements in the early centuries of the “Years of Our Lord”. The Celtic druidic church was driven Westward into Wales by the invading Christian Church early in the 5th century. The Bogomils were pushed into the Balkans and eventually hunted down and executed, also by the so-called Christians. After these fragments of history there is not much documentation (because of the Christian sponsored “Dark Ages” and because the church controlled what was written) until the Cathars, and the Albigensians in Southern France in the New Millennium.

Gnosticism was practised around the Middle Ages, by various sectors. Information was brought to Europe by commercial traders from the Middle East. Some crusaders, in contact with the truthful tenets of Gnosticism, also began to see the Light again. And this enlightenment gave rise to a number of groups including the Knight Templars, the forerunners of the Rosicrucians, and also the Freemasons who had waned in Europe. The Knight Templars had originally been created by the Catholic Church in the time of the Crusades to protect travellers and others. But they rediscovered Gnostic Truth in the Arab lands. However, with this discovery, they presented a threat to the established church hierarchy and hence they were totally destroyed by the church.

 The Freemason movement is totally distorted now. It was a Gnostic society from before the time of Solomon, who was also a Gnostic Jew. The original Cabala was an esoteric Gnostic creation. The next chronological connection of Gnostic knowledge is via Luria who was an esoteric Cabalist at Safaad in the 16th century. Other Gnostics included Jacob Boehme, Giordano Bruno, Hus, Wyclif, Savonarola and Roger Bacon. It is safe to say that there have been many people who have woken spontaneously, in all cultures, in all eras to this Gnostic knowledge which has been distorted into myths. Moses, Orpheus, and Hermes were Gnostic identities, but like the various Gospels (except the Synoptic Gospels, which are grossly distorted) all traces of Gnosticism have been almost completely destroyed and removed from the writings that remain.

h-56 It must be realized that even Gnostic writings that exist today from the past are not only distorted, but they are also totally misunderstood at times. Apart from the difficulty with translation, there are fragments missing and many of the scribes and translators used have not been aware of the concepts with which they dealt and study even today. Therefore there are modifications and distortions made as such poorly or totally misunderstood concepts are rewritten in the languages of today. However, the essence of what truth was allowed to remain in these Gnostic writings can be perceived. The references that remain describe the fundamental duality of essences on this plane and the WAR between them.

All of the people I have mentioned above spoke and wrote about it. This cosmic duality, as we know it, signifies that THERE IS Good and Evil and that there is a WAR OF ESSENCES. And to understand this fully one needs to go back in time beyond the texts and understand the philosophical truth in terms of what happened at a level before the creation of the universe and before the manifestation of material matter. A Metaphysical explanation of how this dimension and this evil creation came about, in simple terms, is as follows:

 Creation involves continuous experimentation, and there are various parts of each experiment in each sector of creation. There are innumerable sectors and a massive controlling Hierarchy exists. There are various creations called universes, super-universes and so on, under the control of Absolutes, Higher Absolutes, Supremes. These I detailed in the earlier volumes.

 Words are insufficient to describe the essences and Deific forces involved, however it is known that at times these Divine essences, these Hierarchies, polarize in order to manifest and create their own experimentation and from there, from the polarizations, other activities continue which then allow beings to experience, express and evolve. And that evolution enriches the Hierarchy which manifested the beings.

 At a particular point of the Divine Hierarchy, well above the class of humans, an experiment went astray in one tiny sector in which our dimension is contained. A particular polarization effect went beyond the controlling forces. And from that there was an emanation of an aspect with an essence which contradicted the Divine one. It was Evil. And the first thing this evil essence did was surround itself with various barricades in order to prevent the Hierarchy adjusting the Error which spawned it. It is difficult to understand such a concept, but it is crucial to the understanding of Gnosticism.

A particular aspect of the Divine Hierarchy, from which all experimentation manifested, gave rise to this particular experiment which resulted in a reversal of polarity in part of it for some time. And an abnormal essence expressed. And this is what gave rise to the emergence of the negative aspect and the creation of evil.

 This evil consciousness (the evil demiurge) was of such a nature that it was able to seize the opportunity and turn within itself and temporarily escape the regulatory mechanisms of the Divine Hierarchy from which it sprang. Being able to confine itself in a space where it was unimpeded at that moment by the Divine Hierarchy, it set up a creative process which went against the Divine essence from which it arose, and to which it was opposed. So it barricaded itself within its own dimension and it declared itself its own creator. And from there it was able to create a dimension in which all the other things that came from it exist. All it creates is illusionary for it cannot exist outside its evil dimension.

h-18Once the Divine Hierarchy realized that it was a destructive, malignant process which was occurring, and that it needed to be curtailed and ultimately destroyed, it was unable to do so immediately because it could not effectively enter the dimension guarded by the aberrant essence. The evil essence had sealed it off. There was no means of entry to achieve immediate correction. And that is how the Celestial War arose.

 Since that time there has been the battle between the two sides, one trying to rectify the experiment and the other trying to sustain itself and avoid EXPOSURE and rectification at all costs, because it knows that exposure and rectification will mean its complete transmutation. By its very presence the evil essence is exploiting those of a Divine essence wherever it can trap them. It has to, for it needs their energy to sustain itself. Normally what would happen if an experiment went wrong before this error was this:

 The consciousness that arose for the purpose of experimentation would have Freewill, like all other consciousnesses have. And it would be offered the opportunity to either fulfil the role for which it was created, that is, become part of the Divine evolutionary process in the Hierarchy, by which it could increase the knowledge and bliss of the Hierarchy, or it could exercise its right of Freewill and refuse to be part of the evolution. 

 This would mean its transmutation back into normal primordial energy. Having the knowledge and vision to see that one choice led to involvement in the creative process, to productive experimentation, to a blissful enhancement and so on, and on the other hand, with the second choice, that it would not fulfil its role and would be simply annihilated and lose its consciousness forever, every consciousness before this Celestial Error chose to remain part of the Divine Hierarchy.

This option was also offered to the evil demiurge and its creation. However, it refused and temporarily escaped being harnessed by taking over this dimension and defending it in various ways. Once it cut off the Hierarchy’s influence it was able to conceal this choice from its subordinate creation and present its own scheme. (When gender is used for clarity, realize that levels of consciousness above the human level are asexual.) Thus it declared: “I’m the true God. You exist within me, You serve me and that is your reward!”

 In actual fact, it was only a minor aberrant demigod, a monstrous effusion from a failed experiment. It overtook this (as yet non-physical) dimension where ethereal True Beings of another normal experiment of the True Divine Hierarchy were already present. And it used the energy from these trapped beings to enlarge its own empire. A dual creation was formed, and as its evil essence expressed, it was able to trap the ones within that confinement which it declared was now its own dimension.

 h-14Some readers may have difficulty comprehending these concepts even though I have simplified them greatly. In simple terms therefore, it can be stated that a spurious, rebellious son (Jehovah) of the Hierarchy in this sector became evil, took over a dimension and became its own creator, denying the existence of the True Divine Hierarchy and the creation outside the dimension.

 This is where we are trapped. And it is from that point that the material universe has manifested, trapping the Beings of Light from the Hierarchy at various levels of evolution and consciousness. And it is from that time that the Celestial War of essences has arisen. And it is to this that the True Beings within this dimension need to reawaken. 

 This is Gnosis. In each epoch, they now need to await the Liberator, the Redeemer, the Messiah, the Father energy, which will liberate them from the trapped dimension as well as finally transmute the evil demiurge and all his counterfeit and demonic creations, his evil institutions (including the religious ones) and mechanisms of exploitation of the True Beings.

Dr. J. S. Chiappalone