Alien Yogic Tricks

How are we to explain the so-called miracles of Fatima, Medjugorje, the Weeping statures of the Madonna as found at various sites, the liquefying blood of St Jenuarius in Naples’ Cathedral and many other apparently appealing miracles that keep the faithful (morons) in awe?  Well, have you heard of yogic tricks and alien technology? These events are no more than that.

It is the same technology as in the case of aliens being able to take a person’s hand, extend their etheric envelope that covers their bodies to cover the human’s body and allow him or her to walk through solid objects, such as wall, as they have been seen doing.
One should be extremely suspicious with the occurrences of these yogic tricks especially when messages are distributed as a consequence. Fatima and Medjugorje in particular exalt people to join the Catholic Church, the most materially successful and by far the most EVIL of all the organized religions. Now that must surely tell you something, does it not?
It tells you the source of the yogic tricks is EVIL, delivering an EVIL message, and directing the gullible to an Evil Highway where exist gross exploitation and spiritual assassination. They might as well have made lots and lots of placards like Uncle Sam’s recruiting poster, not saying “I want you” but ‘We want your energy’.
I want to make special mention of the Shroud of Turin.  This is genuine. It has an image of Jesus’ body. That evidence can be used to conclude that a body called Jesus lived at the time, mocking, as it does, the pseudo-intellectual Zionist effort to claim that a living Jesus never existed.
 Secondly, I know, because I know, that the impression left on the Shroud is due to the explosive emanation of the energy of a Higher Consciousness leaving a body for whatever reason, and also at or after death. I have witnessed it in this lifetime.
 We can draw further conclusions therefore from this phenomenon:
 ·         The body that died contained a Higher Consciousness. As you know I have identified Jesus of Bethlehem as containing the Higher Consciousness of the Universal Avatar who periodically returns to this level.
·         That impression as we see on the Shroud occurred when the Light body of the Avatar left the physical. This is usually, but not necessarily, at the death of that body. Thus we can extrapolate that the body died.
 ·         What is reported in the Bible as evidence of the Resurrection, namely, that Jesus reappeared after death is not evidence of the body resurrecting at all.
 ·         What the Apostles are reputed to have seen was the Light Body of the Avatar, reproduced on this level. The report that doubting Thomas touched the wounds is spurious nonsense, added in an attempt to legitimize the concept of the Resurrection of the body, a concept the Gnostics called the ‘Faith of Fools’.
 ·         Have such Light Body visitations occurred since? ‘Many times’ is the answer. In our lifetime, the real Shri Sai Baba was seen around the world in his Light Body often answering prayers and performing ‘miracles’ which again were yogic tricks, while his physical body remained well planted back in India. They are the same tricks as he performed producing crystal balls or watches or holy ash from thin air, in his ashram, in front of many witnesses.
 ·         These magic tricks are tools to extend belief in a Higher Plane on this ignorant level. Sheople seem to need such things. You would be amazed at the lack of sophistication of the lowest common denominator. Some people have their lives changed simply by seeing a UFO, or a ghost, or witnessing a poltergeist phenomenon, so unaware had they been before such events.