These essays and all my writings are to awaken people to their own truth within. The facts of extant History and of the current plight of the planet are mere details.
It is the energy within the writings that is to awaken you and set you on the path of connection with your Higher Self and its Nous. If you have no Higher Being or Inner Nous, these writings are mere words that you will want to argue about. I am not here for that.

Once you awaken, you don’t need my words, but you will still feel the energy sustaining you somewhat as this globe sinks further and further into the recess of a deeper Hell.
Many are still running around trying to heal this moribund planet, even after reading my works. They simply don’t get it. That is because they do not understand. They read the words, but, having no Inner Knowledge, cannot comprehend, in toto, the significance of what is going on.
These reactions can be used as a measure of Viability.
That is why I do not argue with those that write to me wanting to argue.
Readers either wake up as these words resonate within them, or they don’t. If they have no Nous, no amount of arguing is going to do any good. And besides, I don’t have the time.
When your Inner Nous awakens, and the ‘bell inside your head rings’, there is no way you are ever going to be fooled by Evil again.
Realize that I have written that only about 9% of the world’s population will have that Nous and awaken. Although the majority of Theomorphs were spiritually evacuated in 1999, as I wrote in an earlier essay, called ‘Phase of the Shells’, some 650 million are having modifications done to their spiritual structures so that they will survive outside of this doomed dimension. As those implants become operational, they will express an Inner Truth just as Theomorphs do, and they will understand these writings and appreciate the energy therein.
What does this mean in practical terms?  It means your chances of meeting an awakened being are 9%. Only one in eleven people you meet is going to truly understand what is going on. Thus, don’t despair if you are physically alone on your Journey back Home. And keep away from the demons, the morons, the idiots, the failures. They will cause you all sorts of trouble, as you well know from past experiences, and they will drain you of time, money, and energy if they can. They won’t be able to if you don’t give them the chance.
Learn to be consoled by your Inner Nous, and make the realization that it is only a matter of time till things are set straight. In the meantime, don’t sit on your hands; be of assistance to all who truly need it, including animals and pets. Our assistance and love are never wasted. You will be guided on whom to help.
And, the more you are connected to your Nous, the less mistakes you will make, the less the traps you will fall into, and the less time and energy you will waste. Thus, as you progress, you will become an even more valuable aspect of the Divine Consciousness working to assist your brethren in this Darkness.
I will write much more about this in due course, and there is much information in my books. Realize you need to pay attention to your diet. Not for physical fitness but for spiritual fitness. A bad diet will block your connection to your Inner Being.
·         Learn protection;
·         Discern with your True Sight;
·         Develop your spiritual skills so that you will sense danger more readily;
·         Learn to think with your Higher Mind;
·         Accept the awakening of your psychic abilities;
·         Identify the programming, pollution and the indoctrinations you have been subjected to and correct the situation;
·         Realize who members of your true Family are;
·         Develop the patience and equanimity of the truly God-realized Warrior;
·         Don’t be a hypocrite. Make the effort if you are sincere about awakening.
Even on this level, I sense Viables are now ready to come together for the final exit out of this doomed planet. Be cheerful and wait in Serenity and Joy.