Each consciousness which manifests on this level as a physical entity
must do so through a mechanism such as the body that has a lower mind,
and bodily systems which function independent of the consciousness to a
great degree. The body can be, and is, extensively programmed, polluted
and indoctrinated by the factors which favor the predominant essence
controlling this plane.

Every consciousness, regardless of its ontological origin, power or
capabilities when it resides beyond this level must, in order to contact
some other levels of consciousness when it resides on this level, pursue
an Earthly Path of Awakening which is almost certainly devious,
perilous, time-consuming and not guaranteed to be enjoyable or
successful at all stages. This is particularly so if the consciousness is
attempting to connect to Divine pathways with which the predominant
evil controlling essence of this plane is inimical.

The controlling essence of this plane is Evil. Hence, any who wish to
contact the Divine level of consciousness must become Warriors,
fighting all the evil factors, and all the evil beings who actively seek to
prevent such a connection.

The process, as I awakened and established contact with the Supramental Plane, allowed the “little me”, the “i”, and its body, with all its limitations, its limited ability to decipher, to understand and to remember, to connect with the “Higher Me”, the “being” that I am, and provide a clearer Path for me, as well as the Plans for this World, and why it is we – you and I – are here.

As you will see, nothing comes easy on this level. Every step in awakening is a step in a gauntlet, run on a course which is supposed to prevent us from awakening to any of our own Truth, while at the same time, drowning us in the Untruth of the plane so that the work for which some of us as warriors descended to do may be postponed or not commenced at all.

Hence, it is obvious that as we try to find the links which will allow us to
connect to what we term the Higher, Purer realms, we need to actively
bypass those factors which obstruct us, and also need to destroy much of
our programming, pollution and indoctrination which has been purposely
imposed to keep each of us as a mere “human” consciousness.

I have written extensively about Gnostic Truth and have shown in detail
how our own bodies and their programming can be very difficult with
their obstructing hurdles to overcome. Add to this the obfuscation by
religious indoctrination, by formal education which restricts awareness
of esoterica massively, and the prejudiced, calumnious peer-pressure,
and one can see that full awakening is not a foregone conclusion. In the past, many warriors who descended “misfired” and needed to be evacuated and to try again. But that is another story.