Battle of Essences

All Mythology is distortion of the one Truth. Superior consciousness has entered this trapped dimension in which a battle of essences is raging between a trapped segment of the Divine Creation and a spurious, counterfeit one created by the rebellious demiurge. The reasons for the entry are:

1          Liberation of the Trapped (theomorphic) Divine beings;

2          Re-establishment of Divine order in a New, unpolluted Dimension.

3          Judgement of all consciousness;

4          Transmutation of all Evil.

Transmutation of all spurious entities, of all beings created by the Evil Essence, including the robots and the Demons, in human and alien bodies. In essence this is the undistorted Gnostic Eschatological Doctrine. The aim of the Evil Essence has been none other than to obscure the simplicity of these Gnostic Truths. The fragmentation of consciousness and the subsequent loss of memory of these things by all beings has been very much on purpose in order to confuse these four simple reasons for entry of Light into this plane. The treachery, manipulation and dishonesty which has allowed corruption of this simple Truth of what is going on are hallmarks of the Evil essence which has manifested in many guises but especially as the guardian and promoter of religious doctrine.

Unable to help itself, the evil essence has not stopped at merely distorting the Truth and fabricating a confusing illusion. It has also created and used crude mechanisms of exploitation for the extraction of energy from the trapped True Beings, for its ultimate aim has not simply been their intellectual confusion, but also their total spiritual destruction. It needed the spiritual energy of the trapped True Beings to sustain its own existence and that of its creation.

As inconceivable as it may sound, and as contrary as it may appear, the spiritual assassination and permanent destruction of the True Beings have been the ultimate aims of organized religious institutions on this plane, for they are none other than instruments of destruction devised by the evil demiurge around the Gnostic Truth of the Divine Messengers.

The confusing and conflicting mosaic of spiritual thought is not a purposeful variation in order to color existence on this plane, but rather, it is an evil plot to confuse and entrap beings whose memory has already been filtered by the physical bodies’ Filtering Mechanism and clouded by other factors of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

The fragmentation of the fundamental Gnostic Truth can be discerned as the religious and cultural history of various peoples and regions of the world are examined from a critical Gnostic viewpoint. Even Gnostics were carved up into historical sects by their evil enemies in order to obscure their solitary underlying truthful theme, as we shall see. It was part of an evil plot to create an evil illusion (Maya) which evil hoped would mask the truth forever. But evil has failed in its endeavor! The time for Myths is finished forever!