Between Physical Lives

Between physical lives, all True Beings have been still trapped in the Darkness of the Etheric, Astral and Demonic planes. At present, only the Consciousness of Avatars can escape the physical, and all its sub-dimensions, after death of the body, and return to a special locus outside of this dimension. How do I know that place exists? I have visited it.

This last assertion of mine, that none but Avatars can escape the Physical Dimension at present, immediately poses questions concerning the validity of Near Death Experiences, of Astral Travel and the information gained in such exercise. I will discuss this another time. But for now, realize that Good and Evil beings exit in all levels of this illicit creation. Thus, such experiences can be illusions within an illusion, with some valid information given by True Beings who are in all aspects of the Illusion, some trapped, others working to support the Viables no matter where they be.