Shout With Glee

A soldier in the midst of man-made war

is often dirty, unkempt, with a spirit sore.

But that is not how you, a warrior, in this
War of Essences should be.

Think of the glorious, Happy time ahead,
in the New Dimension beyond the victory,
when shared delights heavenly
will make us forever live happily,
without Evil’s pain and misery.

Now that, surely,
is a cause for you
to sing and shout
with glee!


What Mask, Jehovah?

What mask, just what mask, Jehovah, did you wear
when, to pose as a one and only “god”, you did dare,
above others in the Hierarchy of the Plemora,
above the Mother so beautiful and fair?
Was it not the Mask of a Fool when such deceit,
to exploit trapped lesser minds you did declare?And presenting yourself as all-knowing, forgiving and
Divine, by a scheme far from fine,
with which mask upon your face did you dine,
when as a Ghoul you asked for sacrifice by death and
dared to drink blood of innocents as wine?As an imposter for the God above, the God of Peace, and
Harmony, Joy and Love,
which mask did you wear when you commanded your
select to rape, and murder, in a ploy,
by which more rewarded they could be,
enriched with energy gained via illegal pilfery?
Was it not the mask of Hypocrisy?

Is it not the mask of a thief you wore,
when you stole plans from Divine Realms galore,
and distorted them to build this world of War?

And was it not the mask of Falsehood with which
fraudulently you placed yourself as the judge of all,
issuing burdening, malicious Karma to innocent ones
programmed to err on this plane continuously,
while you rewarded your miscreants from the Fall?
My, what a deceiver you are; what gall!

And was it not that you wore the Mask of a Liar
when you threatened Pure ones to be cast,
if they did not you obey, into your Hell’s Fire,
while you nurtured fornicators and obfuscators,
those of your Untruth, who fulfilled with opportunities
provided by you, their lustful desire,
torturing and burning Theomorphs as on a pyre?

No matter which mask you wear, wrapped are you in
your Cloak of Mendacity it seems to me.
And even though, like a chameleon and chimera, you
change from moment to moment so that your Evil in
Darkness cannot be assessed all that easily,
your time is now up, most decisively.

No mask can save you from Justice, from your fate
which must perforce transmutation be,
as it is for all your creations who in the Light of Love
and Honesty cannot live, for they are created, like you, in
the essence of corruptibility.No mask for you has been worthwhile really,
for with each, you only strengthened the Will to
eventually harness you, and set trapped ones free.
Much too obvious have you been in playing your
charades, Jehovah, and far too greedy.
Soon, no longer, your masked, deceitful
Countenance anywhere in Creation shall we see.

Earthly War

With spit-polished boots, and bronze buttons shining brightly, as the weapons do, in the uncaring sun,Young programmed and indoctrinated soldiers march often, too often, into the fray of War, as if it was already won.
Programmed to fly the flag of Patriotism high, They seek vain-glory with which to abide and even die.
But really, full of drugs and booze and the lust of sex are they,
Filled with lies and propaganda to fight in Evil’s day. Continue reading “Earthly War”