Survival Planet

As I wrote long ago: “No amount of rationalizing will erase the fact that this is a very evil place, that it exists upon a basis of dog eat dog and that it thrives on unfair and unjust methods of exploitation.  It is not simply survival of the fittest at all. It is a place of survival of the most evil and of those who can unashamedly steal the energy from others best of all.

There is nothing on this planet worth preserving.  There is nothing which is pure enough to be of value in a truly Divine dimension.”

Who Is Who?

Many people query the ontological identity of themselves and others. Do not rely on the judgement of others. Learn to discern things for yourself. You know that if people deny the very existence of evil, or this war of essences that they are most probably evil. Alternatively, they may be True Beings who are so unaware and so programmed, polluted and indoctrinated that functionally they are no different from ontologically evil ones. Remember also that although only 70% are of an evil essence, most of the remaining 30% who were created of the Divine essence have become evil through their own volition and will also be transmuted. Hence, a very small percentage will continue into the New Dimension. Continue reading “Who Is Who?”

Evangelists Galore

“We are the true Religion” is the false claim of every denomination on this doomed Earth. Well, who are all those proselytizing Bible-bashers? Who are those Fundamentalists who claim every word of their version of the Bible is true and the very word of the real “God”? Who are those people who will prove a point, any point, by quoting the Bible, as Lactantius did? He proved, using the bible, that the world was flat. Continue reading “Evangelists Galore”

Alien Yogic Tricks

How are we to explain the so-called miracles of Fatima, Medjugorje, the Weeping statures of the Madonna as found at various sites, the liquefying blood of St Jenuarius in Naples’ Cathedral and many other apparently appealing miracles that keep the faithful (morons) in awe?  Well, have you heard of yogic tricks and alien technology? These events are no more than that.

Continue reading “Alien Yogic Tricks”

Religious Fraudulence

Evil, via its minions on this level, has always obfuscated the Knowledge of what happened to this Dimension. It has always seized the knowledge that the Avatars brought down again and again to remind us of what had happened and why we are trapped, and suffer so. Via their teachings, Avatars urged us to remain faithful to the Light, and nurtured us with pure Divine Energy they brought into the dimension.

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Defining Reality

We have reached a point in time in this physical dimension when each and every one of us must crystallize, through our own personal efforts for ourselves, that Reality which Absolute Truth can give.  For now just accept this fact: True Beings have struggled for many, many reincarnations to reach this point.  It is now up to us to define reality. As I said these volumes can only be a stimulus to the outer mind to begin or accelerate the process of realization. Continue reading “Defining Reality”

History of Gnosticism

Our universe, the Celestial Error, created by the evil essence.

The physical Universe is the temporary creation of an evil demigod aspects of which go by many names including Jehovah, Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Saklas, Satan. This being has gone mad over time and lost control of his spurious creation. This explains the madness we now see manifesting around us. Continue reading “History of Gnosticism”