Personal crises, mid-life or otherwise, appear to be a necessary occurrence in the Awakening Process as one begins to see through the Veils of Maya, through the sham of what the Evil Empire presents as Reality.  Not all such crises are spiritually orientated of course. Many have crises as they see the end of youth’s thought of physical immortality and plunge even more recklessly into the pursuit of self-gratification. This the psychiatrists can understand, for they are in the same group to be sure.

But the thought of spiritual reality to replace the mundane one is often beyond many of them and so they categorise the results of further pursuits by awakening aspirants in pejorative terms.

Do not be put off by any attacks from any quarter as you awaken. Be firm in your convictions and seek the Light always, regardless of how many obstacles Evil places in front of you.

It is the lower beings who must change to fit into the Plan of the Light’s correction and not vice versa. Hence, change yourself in any way needed for you to progress on your Path to Liberation. You will know when you are doing well and when you are doing poorly. You are no fool.

But, you would be foolish to think that this system will not submit you, as a True Being, to the utmost humiliation, if it can, especially as you awaken.

Every evil mechanism in creation exists for 2 reasons:

a to exploit True Beings of their Divine energy;

b to make True Beings give up their struggle against evil.

As Crises come and go in your physical life, realise that evil programming, pollution and indoctrination are more effective when one is tired or physically and mentally overtaxed. Avoid such states. Rest often on your journey and hasten slowly.

Give the lower mind little leeway, for to depend on human reason is to be human. But to depend on the Inner Faith is to become Divine.

And even as you struggle, like all other Viables must, know that admitting one’s weaknesses is the first step in their eradication. Never, ever give up the struggle against Evil, for sorrow and silence are strong, but patient endurance is godlike.

Confusion on all topics, with misinformation and disinformation coming from all angles, will be the order of the day as the final days approach. Such Confusion can deepen your Crises and make you entertain Doubt more easily. See through this phase and remain strong!

On any level at any time, especially the physical where we find ourselves, the Divine Power can only be as effective as the instruments used are effective. That is why any who want to use such Power should try to become as perfect an instrument as possible.

And watch your thoughts at all times. They can be implanted rubbish. Your mental function can make or break you. Beware of those who attack you insidiously and implant doubt as you spend time with them. They are anathema to the Spirit. When one is affected by the negative energies from anyone or any source, mental function manifests little or no Divinity. Realising this and accepting that it is so are the first steps to improvement and detaching from such sources.