Daily Dedication

I rededicate myself to the Highest Good, To the Divine Essence, To the Eternal Flame of the Divine Mother. I shall strive to fulfill my role as best I can.

I shall not allow myself to be trapped, Polluted, distracted or compromised. In the Light, I see myself as a Divine Warrior, a Pure Warrior, A Warrior in the Battle against Evil And I live my life accordingly.

I Glorify the Highest Mind. I Love, for I am a Being of Love. I use the Power given to me to complete my tasks. I am Honest in my true essence.

I am Wise when guided by the Light within me. I am at Peace, even as war wages all around me, For in my true nature I am a being of Peace. I Persevere at all costs, no matter who or what Attempts to obstruct my path. Every time I rededicate myself,

My Happiness and Joy increase And my heart fills with Love.