Darkness and Ignorance

In this plane of ego, confusion, arrogance and ignorance the following paradox exists: In general, the more ignorant a person is, the more likely it is that he/she will think that he/she is knowledgeable. And the more knowledgeable a person becomes, he/she usually begins to realize, and admits, if not evil, how ignorant he/she really is in the face of the knowledge that awaits to be discovered and acquired. Many times we have been told that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This warning pertains to the subject of metaphysics also. The egotistical physical mind does not like to hear these things. Beware! The physical mind can be your greatest hurdle in the path to expanded awareness and to spiritual enlightenment. Fools judge in ignorance. Do not join their ranks.
Everything will be sorted out when it is time. There is no need to fear. Some have failed, some will move on, others will be returned to their own evolution when it is time.

This plane is run on ignorance, deception, confusion and stupidity. All these lead to hate, suffering and severe relentless exploitation. When the Truth is revealed to many, they cannot comprehend it, for it is too removed from that which they have been fed and accepted as Truth. This is an excellent way by which the EVIL DEMIURGE in control of this dimension keeps them trapped in ignorance. The focus on this plane is very much on distractions which are meaningless to the True spiritual Being and/or are grossly deleterious. Hence, the pursuits of physical gratification via the senses with food, sex, etc., and the feeding of the ego with power, wealth, possessions, etc. are spiritually meaningless.
The need to spend so much time of one’s day attending to the basic needs of the body is also on purpose in order to conceal the Truth of things. Thus, needing to wash, groom, feed, clothe, etc. take up so much time that for many they become an end purpose of their lives and they become oblivious to other more important needs. Even sleep, relaxation and pleasure have been made into hedonistic art forms which distract the being and focus almost entirely on the physical aspect. But most True Beings who have not completely sold out to evil and these ploys, sense the uselessness of all these time-wasting pursuits and long for the real purpose of their existence which is to consciously communicate with their Divine Source, to be nurtured by it and progress in their work. This means elevation of their consciousness to a higher level and an increase in joy and bliss.
All True Beings yearn for an end to this sordid plane but many cannot fully comprehend this Inner Yearning, unless they awaken to what it is they seek. And because of the confusion thrust upon them, they interpret this yearning as a non-fulfilment and dissatisfaction of their lives. This can then manifest as anti-social behaviour, malcontentment, excessive eccentricity, rebelliousness, etc. Or it can lead them to escapism in the form of excesses with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, etc. Many enter a self-destructive circuit to try and end their confusion and leave this terrible plane. If this happens in this way, the scheme to trap and exploit them has worked on them and they become severely drained and spiritually injured. Jails are full of such True Beings who are programmed, trapped and exploited in this way.
What is needed is to make them aware of why they are unsettled and what their inner yearning means. In this way their focus can be altered from the pursuit of physical pleasure and the excessive care of the physical to the truly spiritual path which means recognition of the Divine Self and Plan; reconnection to the Divine Source; nurturing by the Divine Source; progress in the Divine Plan and blissful elevation of consciousness. Only then can sufficient tolerance be developed to allow a stop to the gross exploitation to which they are subjected. Only in this way can true harmony with the self develop. Knowledge of what is going on can then assist the being to avoid the traps, the programming, the pollution and indoctrination which lead to circuits of antisocial behaviour and self-destruction via alcoholism, drug addiction, perversion, etc.
A great and urgent need to stop the programming input of this deleterious plane exists. Input needs to be cut down as much as possible until some sort of pathway with the Inner Being is established. Then the Inner Consciousness can guide one further to avoid other traps. But most True Beings do not have the courage to stop the input from TV, radio, magazines, friends, peers, church and so on, long enough to listen to their own Inner Being and break the evil illusion which is destroying them, while it nurtures the evil beings with the energy stolen from the True Beings. Most have lost the ability to communicate with their Inner True Source which can give them all they need and guide them unerringly, even in this filthy plane overrun and controlled by evil. And that is why even many True Beings will be transmuted. They are too damaged spiritually. They would never make any effort to reconnect to their Source. They have lost the battle for spiritual survival. They have lost their Divinity.
The war against bigotry and ignorance on this plane appears to be never-ending. The only way it will stop is to destroy the whole plane entirely. Engaging in a war against the evil bigots when necessary is part of existence on this plane. It is now evident that the sceptics and robots (who are all counterfeit beings and demons) are placed in advantageous positions and positions of authority where they can do the most harm to True Beings and where they can exercise great control over the trapped beings. The True Beings who are in positions of authority in this social system are the ones who have compromised enough with the evil system to be of service to it. They are no different from the robots and if they do not wake up, they become robots. Of course, waking up means seeing what compromises they have entered into and breaking them. They are then disadvantaged and victimized, by the Evil system, if they connect with their Light, like the rest of the aware True Beings.
Many True Beings are set up by society so that they can be caught and exploited or compromised to such a degree that they will not move out of the positions in which they are placed. Some are locked in by great material success or prestige. Others are locked into failure and poverty. It is hoped that by reading these volumes many will have a greater knowledge of the evil illusion to be broken and of the True Reality to be acknowledged.