Demon Sex

Have you noted it has become a libertine society, with freedoms for destructive self-expression as never before, while our personal freedoms, to improve our lot, and keep governments in check, have been restricted so much we are in danger of suffocating?

What do I mean by freedoms for destructive self-expression? (Satan and his demons) are programming the young via all forms of media to copulate with whomever they choose, whenever they chose, wherever they choose,  as often as they chose. Do you think they want these idiots to be sexually self-satisfied and happy letting off steam that way?

Of course not! It is a sinister plot. They know the quickest way to be demonically possessed is to have intercourse with a demon. Hence, the libertine attitude. That way they can infect as many bodies with demons as quickly as possible. They don’t have to resort to drugs. Clever of them isn’t it? No its not! It is demonic in the extreme. Beware with whom you associate. Beware whom you let into your body, what you consume and whose body you use for ‘explicit sexual self-expression and gratification’

.For most teenagers, this warning comes too late. The programming has been re-enforced in many ways for them to sexually mix with demons, not the least way being via the demonic movies and TV shows. Now you see why Hollywood, run by demons, in the main, has done this….

Why does sex sell? The sexual stimuli increase the excretion of hormones which activate the Cardboard Box (the physical body) in a certain way which short-circuits the Higher Centres (that are able to think, are more critical, moral, and spiritual) and then more easily program the cardboard box to follow the subliminal impulses send out by the advertisers (demons). Easy as pie!…

Be careful of what you do, (what you watch and listen to), what you consume and with whom you associate.