Demons to Hell

Demonic hypocrites attack
from all angles around you and me,
Dressed are they in tailored finery,
to conceal their wickedness it seems.
But never again will we be fooled,
For their evil stench, their spiritual noxiousness,
precede them like pulsating laser beams.

Venomous spiritual vipers indeed they be,
Strutting, gyrating, on the stinking
stage of doomed humanity.
Whom do they think they fool,
with their ostentatiousness,
with their pomposity,
with their poorly disguised immorality?
Certainly no longer the Children of
the Light, believe you me!

These demons, from the darkest regions
of Hell, have made Earth their own,
And now it’s time to clear
the evil that they’ve sown,
and blow them all back to Hades
where in all their evilness
they will eternally moan and groan.

These dark, wretched, demonic hypocrites
have had chances galore
To mend their ways,
but instead they assassinated
True Beings by the score.

No more pain they give,
no more murder will they commit,
The God of Justice deals with them
as He sees fit!

Do not with terror for their
plight be filled,
Because their own destruction
they have personally willed,
Rejecting the True God’s mercy and Love,
even yours and mine, constantly,
And of the Light they refuse to be!

If, like Zoroaster, the fiery Prophet, I do sound,
Congratulate yourself, for through him,
and me, you have found,
Your heart’s desire,
happiness via a Purification Fire
Which will also rid us forever
of these demons who in Hell
will exist in circumstance dire.

Terror stricken by these words
are their hearts in whom evil dwells.
Better for these devils
if they had never ventured out
from their darkened Hells.
The news of their demise looms
in their brains and
pops their very eyes,
As they hear the peeling
of the Light’s Victory bells.

They seek once more the safety
of their Tarturian cells,
But nowhere is there safety
for these of evil, of deceit.
They will all perish
at the True Lord’s Feet.
Their wicked shadow across
the Face of Creation to be no more,
For Light, Love, True Goodness,
now rule every nook, cranny and shore.

Children of Light, now with loving hearts
have nothing more to fear,
The invitation to be soon
with Angels they do cheer.

Children of Darkness, of Belial,
are awakening to
their Gloom and Doom,
Knowing they were cursed
by their own evilness
from the very moment
they were conceived
in Yaldabaoth’s womb.
Their own curse now
their eternal tomb!

But on these demons
I will no longer linger.
They were spurious, illicit
creatures, an abomination.
Let us forget them all
and focus on the glorious celebration
Awaiting each Being of Light
Who, without evil to fight,
Is filled with Happiness,
undreamed of Joy and Jubilation.
All Honour and Glory then
to the Father and Mother
of the Purified Creation!