Does Hell Exist?

Again another mechanism of relentless exploitation of their victims: Pseudo-Christian Religions use the Damnation of Hell to frighten people into subservience.Many ask; ‘Does Hell exist?’  The question should really be: ‘Does a greater Hell than the Hell on this level exist?’

This life is the real Hell.
·         We suffer pain and misery from many causes;
·         We suffer the pangs of physical death from accident, illness, murder and unavoidable degeneration.
·         Wars traumatize us incessantly, and
·         Our bodies decay and fragment, as our minds do, then degenerate and die.
·         We suffer but we don’t know why.
The lot for the majority on this level is one of cruel physical, mental and emotional suffering, punctuated by moments of fleeting, artificial joy which are supposed to balance the constant iniquities most of us suffer. But they do not.
This life is the real hell for True Beings. But, it is Heaven for the demons. I shall explain why. The role of demons is to steal energy from True Beings. They do it most efficiently on this level simply because we do not know who is who. We are all clothed with the same bodies. So, unless one has great spiritual acuity, and most people do not have it, the demons, being in disguise, do as they please to us.
In the lower levels, which are also part of Hell, with their fires and sulphurous atmospheres as described by visitors there, demons are seen to be demons, and True Beings dragged down to those levels can see them and avoid somewhat the processes of energy theft. There are many reasons why we find ourselves down there and it has to do with energy loss. Until it is replaced and we are buoyant enough to rise to this level, we (our consciousnesses) stay down there.
At the higher Etheric and Astral levels, again we can all identify who is who and can avoid being trapped by the demons far more easily. They can disguise themselves, of course, but the moment we ask them to reveal themselves, the disguise falls off. Not so, on this level. On this level, they remain disguised. That is why this level is so damaging to us.
We are deceived on this level by ones claiming to be our relatives in the Etheric and Astral planes also, and it occurs regularly. Thus, when you go to a Medium to speak to your loved ones, chances are you are being deceived, no matter how honest and genuine the Medium is and no matter how accurate the information seems. I will write about that soon.
This is the most punitive and destructive level.
It is on this level that we are fooled the most. This level is Hell.
The beauty we see all around us, of ‘La Dolce Vita’, is a destructive Illusion as I pointed out in my poem of that name. Go back and read it again.
How many know that 30% of bodies walking this planet contain demonic consciousnesses? ‘Very few know this’ is the answer because we are spiritually blinded on this level. And the demons who run the Religious Institutions take advantage of this as they set trap after trap so we can be most drained of energy.
The so-called Sanctity of Marriage is such a trap. Christ never said “Whatever God has joined together, etc.” That is spurious nonsense. By marriage, a True Being can be legally tied very tightly to a demon. In this modern era, the trap can be escaped, as long as one is willing to go through a process, called Divorce, that proves to be a nightmare for most.
Another is the Commandment of Obedience to Parents. What if they are demonic? One must obey them or go to Hell? Do you see how destructively nonsensical it all is.
And of course the demons, dressed as peacocks, give themselves the power to forgive the sins they make up for you. So we are trapped by them in the traps they have made for us, and by them opening the trap doors under their terms.
It has been promised that we will all regain our psychic vision before the End, and we shall all know who is who on this level.
In conclusion here is a very brief account of how we have reached this point in ourexistence:
True Beings are God-created consciousnesses that were trapped in this dimension when it illicitly manifested from an accident in a higher dimension. That accident was called the Celestial Error. Many other names have been used: ‘The War in Heaven’; ‘The fall of Lucifer], ‘The Fall of the Angels’, etc.
Does that mean there are other beings, other consciousnesses, not created by the real God on this plane? The answer is ‘YES’!
The Error gave rise to an active Evil Principle that decided it wanted to rule everything, and it was, and is, inimical to the Essence of the Rightful Supreme Goodness.
From the energy it could steal from the trapped True Beings, it created a robotic creation and then a far more sinister Demonic Creation. I have explained these points in previous essays and in my books. You would do well to review those previous works.
The essence of the Error enclosed this dimension but Splinters of the Supreme God Consciousness (which presented as Avatars such as in Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, King Arthur, Galileo, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Nietzsche, etc., etc. as I have enumerated elsewhere) were able to break into the entombed dimension and warn the somnambulant, trapped True Beings of what had happened, bring in unpolluted Divine Energy to sustain them, and remind them of the Rescue that was to come, after which the whole EVIL dimension would be dissolved.
The Consciousness presenting as the last Avatar is in the physical NOW. After ‘IT”, there will be no other, for it is within the lifetime of the Cardboard Box it uses that the End is scheduled.
As I said, the body ‘It’ occupies will probably live another 12-15 years.
That was the significance of the anecdote regarding the court case I recounted in the essay about Frederick Nietzsche. Go back and read it if you have forgotten it.