Earth Ascension?

There is a most ridiculous belief sponsored by the New Age fools who are desperate to deny what I assert, namely that there is to be a sorting of Viables from non-Viables with the latter scheduled for physical and spiritual termination.

That belief is that Earth will ascend by raising its vibration, as will ‘Humans’ by an act of Will, and become a godly state with all of us becoming gods in a Higher Dimension.  This belief is held by ones who are blind to the Truth, to True Love and to the True Light. If they were not so blind, they would see the Truth of what is going on.
Evidence, as I presented in Part One, clears points to the very opposite of what they believe and assert.  The vibrational rate of Consciousness is DECREASING. That is why Time is accelerating.  That being the case, there cannot possibly be an elevation of consciousness and ascension of Earth. The “Locus”, the consciousness of Earth is gone! We are existing on a dead rock, doomed for demolition, as are all other physical structures in the Universe.
Why do you think that:
·         The Earth’s homeostatic mechanisms are no longer sufficient to cure its ills?
·         The fauna and flora are disappearing at an unprecedented rate?
·         So many have been given the Message of Finality for the Physical?
·         “I” descended to prepare the Viables and take them Home?
From the evidence, we know more and more are expressing a demonic consciousness which means the vibrational rate again is dropping. Are they god-like? That is a contradiction in terms, and moronic. How can demons, by the definition we use, become god?
The degree of physical pollution, apart from this spiritual pollution, is such that the Earth has no future. How then, could it ascend to be a god-like structure? Can you see the ridiculousness of this assertion?
All Matter is evil, as I have written in my books. Nothing of Evil can become Divine.  These New Agers are kidding themselves as they descend into the Transmutation vats. Unfortunately they are fooling many others.
 Let me give you simple analogies. Can a rotting apple in your rubbish bin suddenly, miraculously, turn into the Taj Mahal? Of course not!  Can a stripped car shell in a wrecker’s lot suddenly turn into a ten miles long intergalactic vehicle driven by ion engines and Dark Matter conversions? Of course not!
This idiocy is sponsored by the same evil Archons who promised to heal the planet as long as we did nothing. In fact, they wanted to lull the sheople into idiocy as they subjected those sheople to the mechanisms of culling which I enumerated earlier.
Besides, logically, Earth Ascension is absurd because of what and where the Earth is. Would it drag its Moon with it to that godly Higher Dimension? What about the Sun, and the other planets in our Solar System? This system is part of the Milky Way. Would all the Milky Way ascend? If that were the case, why not the entire Universe?
Thus you see, these idiots are trying hard to believe that chalk will turn into cheese, and that Evil Matter will turn into Material Divine.  The very opposite is true. Matter is to be totally eradicated, transmuted back into inert energy. And, from what I have presented, that is exactly what is occurring if the evidence is examined in an unbiased way.