Earthly War

With spit-polished boots, and bronze buttons shining brightly, as the weapons do, in the uncaring sun,Young programmed and indoctrinated soldiers march often, too often, into the fray of War, as if it was already won.
Programmed to fly the flag of Patriotism high, They seek vain-glory with which to abide and even die.
But really, full of drugs and booze and the lust of sex are they,
Filled with lies and propaganda to fight in Evil’s day.

Mowed down are they by any means, as cannon fodder, with bullets, and now,of late, with drugs, adverse vaccines, and with incurable disease.
And as a consequence of all these scenes, much emotional energy is extracted
from grieving relatives with ease.
Civilian populations are targets too!
This you know well, and I have no need really, to tell of War’s sadistically brutal practices to you.

There it is, now you have the reason for constant War!
It is the evil demiurge’s plan to extract energy from trapped True Beings in every era, on every land, more and more.

He cares naught really who wins, who lives or dies.
This fraudulent world is built on hatred’s violence,
on unmitigated deceit, and constant maliciousness,
and its companions, injurious lies.

To the demiurge, the Evil Mind, instigator of Earthly Wars,
there is no Just Cause, no right or wrong. He cares not to which side any
soldiers or civilians belong.
For him, War is but an energy feast, For he is the Moloch, the Ghoul,
the predatory, rapacious, insatiable beast!

He cares naught for the pain, or suffering, or misery caused by War,
with its inevitable, rapine mutilation,
For once the souls leave the scene of battle they are judged iniquitously
by the Board of Karma and Reincarnation,
Whereupon they repeat, under threat of further punishment, the cycle of absurdity,
being once again the defenceless targets of Evil’s relentless exploitation,
and of the suffering that results as a certainty.

Now with this Gnostic explanation, you see why War, on this plane,
is not only glorified, but also never-ending.
With Evil’s programming, pollution and indoctrination in demonic and robotic minds,

evil Jehovah is forever sending Sycophants into battle to extract,
via the misery of bellicosity, the energy he needs, from the
True Beings’ very Inner core, So he can run this Evil Realm and expand it even more.

No lasting peace has ever resulted in this world from any conflict, a

ny confrontation, any War, as we can see,
And each generation, claiming a march to greater peace, and civility,
has greater and greater weapons to increase terror and suffering,
in paradoxical perversity.

No conflict has ever been resolved satisfactorily by violence,
hatred, slavery, subjugation, murder or genocide.
Smallest remnants of the vanquished are programmed to Revenge,
in their anguished hearts, hide,
So that in future days again the cycle of obscenity renews
And once again, in repeated War, it is insured that Jehovah, the Evil Mind,
is repaid energetically with handsome dues.

Indeed, War is a cycle, profane and obscene, of tragic waste.
Men breed violence and are educated to go to combat in haste,
Having learned nothing from antecedent days,

For that is how the Evil demiurge has plotted and cantankerously programmed
to rule counterfeit humanity’s ways.

Many mockingly point to the medical, and technological, and ministering
and pharmacological benefits of War,
But do you not think without its wanton destruction and its waste, there would
be far greater benefits galore?

Often the few left of either side after torrid Wars
pusillanimously glorify their stance and cowardice hide,
Vainly boasting, at every chance, lapel ribbons and medals
shining, how great they were, as the enemy they deride.

Such nationalistic hubris builds hatred for future Wars
As the defeated mind plots, for this patriotism it abhors.

Now you know why every generation has found, not peace, but hate, coming into its lands,

its businesses, its schools, its academies, military and technical, through all doors.

It’s often said, to the victor go the spoils,

but the victor, to keep suppressed the hatred,
and vengeful thrusts of others, as we see in the USA, constantly,
with burdens unceasingly toils.

Unless we are rid of these evil mechanisms, we will never be rid of cruel,
exploitative, unsavoury War!

An end must come to all the suffering and all of the misery for sure.
And ruinous hypocrites totally from creation must removed be.
Surely the need for that you see?

They ostentatiously pray for peace, immersed in undisguised, profane mockery,
as secretly to the accommodating evil and very covetous gods of War
they pander with enthusiasm, lustfully.

And Jehovah to them is propitious and stirs willing minds with hatred
to beat the drums of War,
As he calls for savage emotionalism and, in revolting savagery, deaths galore,
Feasting on the misery that results for sure,
For, as I said above, he is insatiable, and is forever wanting

from such nefarious, sacrificial energy feasts, more and more.

Alas, forget cynicism, that is the truthful metaphysical rationale behind all
of the physical Wars in this Hell.

Now you see, if this Gnostic explanation
you have understood and accepted,
why it is essential that the Light
rings quickly the Final Bell!

And brings an end to this ghastly feast,
An end to the Ghoul of War, to the Evil Mind,
Jehovah, the rapacious Beast.