I have told you repeatedly that all Evil will be exposed, and that the Evil Beings are in self-destructive mode.  They will fight and kill as much as they can in the Endtime.  This includes not just Earthlings, but all the tribes that make up the extra=terrestrials in our Galaxy.  So expect fireworks anywhere and everywhere.

Is it not amazing that, inspite of the overwhelming evidence and information available to us all, everywhere we look, so few are even the slightest bit awakened to what is going on?

The massive dramatic changes to occur which will end Physical Existence in our Solar System will come as such a shock to the unawakened ones, that verily shall there be, in the last days, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Not knowing what is happening, and why it is happening, will fill the ignorant ones with maximal fear and they will ‘envy the dead’.

Even many well educated people in various professions are totally ignorant of the facts.  Whom can they blame for their unpreparedness? There is only one person each can blame: itself!