Energy Vampires

Consciousness is divided into many segments and levels by the basic frequency of its wave pattern. There are innumerable levels of consciousness and innumerable segments.

These are connected laterally and vertically as it were, by other wave forms which are fixed conductors of consciousness and which are themselves a class of bridging consciousness.

Any wave form which oscillates has conscious awareness. What this means is that it can interact with other wave forms and absorb or disseminate information in the form of energy packets.

If massive numbers of these energy packets are released by a particular wave which is limited in its capacity to do so and if they are not replaced, then that wave form, as consciousness, can become inert.

A wave form to be activated needs to form a circle. It is then conscious of itself and its surroundings.

While it is linear it may be activated by external inputs and be drained of its own packets, but it will not be conscious of this. It would be a `passive interactor’.

When massive numbers of packets are input into the consciousness, it will oscillate at a higher frequency. A circular consciousness can then alter its frequency depending on exchange of its energy packets.

It can be connected by linear lines of consciousness which form a circuit from one level to another. It can also join into a larger circle of consciousness which is vibrating at its own frequency, thus forming a part or segment of a larger consciousness.

When it breaks off to either elevate or decrease its frequency it needs to become a circle from the linear wave form in order to become self conscious.

Some levels of consciousness have such a vast circle of consciousness that it is almost incomprehensible.

Only when segments break off into individual circles do they manifest as individuals and can interact with the lower frequency consciousnesses.

The greater the circle of consciousness, the higher the frequency within that wave form and the greater (more elevated) is that being in the hierarchy.

The hierarchy then is a voltage grid. The highest has the greatest voltage within its waveform. It is the largest and has the highest frequency and from it lower ones are broken into smaller and smaller circles as the hierarchy is descended. As they form smaller and smaller circles, the voltage and frequency diminish.

Any interruption to the circuit of a consciousness will automatically render it `unconscious`.

In order for a consciousness to consciously interact with any other wave form it needs to be in a circular state. If it is not, it will interact and can either be forced to acquire energy packets of the same frequency or give them out without being conscious of doing so.

Consciousness in the physical body has needed to form a circuit. Any disruption to this circuit renders it non-conscious. As there are a number of concentric circuits in the make-up of a human, it is the outer circuit which controls the consciousness of the body.

The body may be unconscious because the outer one is fractured but the others can remain intact and be fully operational. Hence the consciousness on all other levels beyond the human level can be intact and operational.

The energy to keep the circuits intact on this plane is the prana. As this decreases, the outermost ring loses it first. As it is depleted normally, the circuit breaks and the being falls asleep in order that the other rings of consciousness can leave within the etheric covering and acquire further prana in the astral plane.

If this is not possible, then prana is taken from the other inner circuits to sustain the outer one. But as this is done the inner circuits can be weakened as can the connecting lines between them and communication between them is diminished.

This is tolerated to a small extent only, and if it continues and drains the inner circuits excessively, the supply is cut off so that the outer circuit is no longer fed energy. In this way it cannot support itself as a circle and breaks off.

Hence outer consciousness is lost. If the cut in supply continues it breaks off the connecting links to the physical body and death results.

The Silver cord is the main connecting wave form between the outer circuit of consciousness and the physical body but there are others around the body and these can be affected as in acupuncture and acupressure.

From this it can be seen that in a human, in whom we said there are 7 Centres each with 7 rings of awareness, there are at least 7 levels of consciousness.

To purify means to prevent breaks on the interconnecting lines and thus function at all 7 levels of consciousness.

The inner-most circuits are connected with the essences contained within them. These form the inner-most mind of the being. Unless a consciousness is a circular consciousness (that is, unless it has formed a circuit) it cannot support essences or store information within it, hence it cannot have a MIND.

Mind is only a temporary creation of a wave form once it forms a circuit and becomes conscious.

If a consciousness becomes linear, that mind is lost and energy for a new mind (with essences and information) needs to be provided to form a new one if it forms a circuit again.

Destruction of levels of consciousness and of whole consciousnesses occurs as energy is drained from these circuits and they fall in frequency until they cannot sustain the circuitry. At other times polluting energy is impregnated onto the interconnecting waveform links so that intercommunication is not possible. This negative energy acts as circuit-breaking plugs.

Any form of electro-magnetic wave is consciousness. Only when it forms a circuit with itself or with other waveforms does it become conscious of itself.

Random lightning, static electricity, magnetic fluxes, etc. are all lower consciousnesses which have become inert and are exposed and measured in some way. These consciousnesses can come from any of the classes of consciousness in this dimension, that is from the mineral, vegetable, animal, or human consciousness class etc.

The earth’s magnetic field is still a circuit and is the consciousness of the physical structure of the planetary logos. Its strength and frequency vary depending on its pranic supply and the interactions it undergoes.

Non-Permanent Atom beings do not have the complex structure of Permanent Atom beings. They have only one ring of awareness which contains the mind within. They are easier to program collectively and depend on interaction with outside consciousnesses far more, for both mind content and energy packets to sustain their frequency.

The non-permanent atom (non-PA) beings, that is the counterfeit beings created by the demiurgos, are energy vampires. They are electro-magnetic sponges and have loose connecting rods (wave forms) projecting out of their solitary circuit which impinge on other outside consciousnesses.

Once they attach to another outside circuit they suck the energy from that circuit. If it’s another non-permanent atom being they attach to, then the gain will be minimal, for the other sucks them also.

But if it is a Permanent Atom (PA) being, that is, a True Divine Being they attach to, they will suck as much energy as possible from that being. The True Being has no equivalent suckers to get energy back hence it is ALWAYS disadvantaged.

The closer their physical proximity, the easier is this suction and drainage done. The drainage is facilitated and accelerated by intimate contact as occurs in sexual relationships.

If a True (P.A). Being has such suckers attached to him from a non P.A. to drain him, he can also develop interconnecting wave links to the outside so that he can drain others. Hence he can become a pseudo-non P.A. sucker.

Once these interconnecting attachments are placed on him he drains others and then in turn is drained by non P.A.s when they come to collect from him.

Without the energy from True Beings the non P.A. system would collapse completely.

This energy exploitation of the true creation by the beings of the counterfeit creation occurs in all the classes of consciousness: mineral, vegetable, animal, human, spiritual, galactic and universal.

Food formed of counterfeit plants, animals and minerals provides the consciousness of these non-P.A. entities which can help form these sucking outer links in higher classes.

Hence with contaminated food, not only is the consciousness of the consumer polluted and programmed, but energy wave forms can actually form sucking outer links on his subtle bodies so that he unwittingly becomes an energy vampire in the system.

The greater the degree of purification, the less the number of these outer connecting links and obviously the less the interaction with polluting energy, and therefore the less will the accumulation of polluted energy be and the less the drainage of one’s energy.

When dependent non-P.A. suckers, who are used to feeding on a P.A. being, are cut off their customary supply, they react most adversely because they know the full significance of the cutoff.

As the Earth’s magnetic field weakens, (this is occurring NOW) it means it is losing consciousness. The more it loses consciousness the quicker will it fracture and dissipate. The change in the magnetic flux can be measured.

A graph of the change will give an adequate picture of final failure and planetary disintegration in the not too distant future.

(If these words are beyond your comprehension, move on and don’t let this fact of incomprehension bother you.)