Evangelists Galore

“We are the true Religion” is the false claim of every denomination on this doomed Earth. Well, who are all those proselytizing Bible-bashers? Who are those Fundamentalists who claim every word of their version of the Bible is true and the very word of the real “God”? Who are those people who will prove a point, any point, by quoting the Bible, as Lactantius did? He proved, using the bible, that the world was flat.

They are part of the fabric of the Grand Illusion (Maya) of the demiurge. They are either deluded fools and brainwashed True Beings and robots or, more likely, demonic beings dressed in ecclesiastical robes. These are the more aggressive ones. Many of the TV evangelists are unmistakably demonic. Who else would want to sustain and enhance the false charade but the workers of Darkness and those who are themselves fooled? Who else would refuse to accept obvious truths and evangelize regardless of consequences? Only the minions of evil.

Alas, many well-meaning True Beings have, over the centuries, been caught in this web of deceit and delusion because of their need to fulfil the urge to find God and His Love, Peace and Harmony. But they were shocked by the truth of the affairs of the Church “princes” and hierarchy and their excesses. I have merely skimmed the surface in this book and it is useless singling out factions, like the Borgias and the Inquisitors.

Many True Beings spoke out, enraged by what they saw, but many others, not having the knowledge of the demiurge’s control of the church, turned a blind eye to the corruption and exploitation and worked quietly for the common good. And many still do. There are many of these who remain silent and work for the goodness of the human race (believing it is one basically good race) and the church is quick to point this out.

But the time for the illusion is well and truly over. Not only are the Bibles and the doctrines of the Christian faith untenable on historical, intellectual, metaphysical, Gnostic and ontological grounds, but also the mass awakening of the True Beings is identifying the evilness of institutionalized religions which have been used to trap and exploit them.

As answers are provided to awakening beings directly from within, and as these answers contradict the religions and make far more sense than the religious doctrines, people will rebel. And as answers are provided to solve the riddles which the churches have never been able to solve, because they were intent on sustaining ignorance of the Truth forever, the illusion of the established religions will be shattered with such force that they will not recover.

And as the planet is cleared by the use of all the mechanisms I have described elsewhere, and as occurrences, of which the religious institutions are totally ignorant, are perceived, the True Beings who have been trapped by them will turn to them and ask them these questions: “Why did you deceive us so? Why do you not know what is happening? If you are a direct line, as you claim, to “God”, why have you not been told about the end of this planet? Why did the Space Command, responsible for evacuating the beings who are to continue elsewhere, not consult you? Is it that you are not authorized like you claim? Is it that you have been a sham all along? Is it that you do not represent GOD?”

And the questioners will realize the answers themselves. And they will be very angry. But their realization will destroy the illusion of the religions forever and will dismantle the evil energy patterns which surround them and they will be set free, at last, forever. The ecclesiastical fools and demons who are not True Beings will continue the charade to the very end, all to no avail. And they will perish in their own trap of untruthfulness which they have used against others. They will not admit their error, preferring to play the fools to the very end, when they will be judged unworthy and transmuted. If these words are a shock to your system, take time to recover. Naturally, realizations such as these which destroy one of the very foundations upon which society was built and upon which one’s upbringing and religious education depended, will stir the emotions and the intellect. The previous programming and indoctrination to which all beings have been subjected will not give up without a fight. Know this and be patient.

If the Inner Being comes through and confirms this information for you, well and good. If it does not, and inspite of the evidence, you choose not to believe, that is your prerogative. Out of all the facts you have been presented with here, the only things I really want you to remember are these: Learn to think for yourself and make up your own mind. If you do that, the rest is easy. Listen to no one but the Inner Being and you will understand what this is all about. Listen, not with the lower mind, but with the heart.

My aim has been to shatter the illusion of the so-called Christian Church by exposing the false basis of its two most fundamental premises: The Canon of the New Testament, and the Veracity of the Nicene (Apostles) Creed.

Metaphysical concepts from my Higher Self have been included in this book. The veracity of other facts can be historically proven by simple research. As with my other works, some will see the Truth immediately and their awakening will be instantaneous. Others will know that what is written is true and wonder whether they should openly admit it, whereas the majority could not care less. Those involved and implicated will deny the facts to the very end even as the world crumbles around them.

In formulating and transmitting a message, any message, the words are important but not as important, (particularly in matters of metaphysics and spirituality, for that is what these volumes are all about) as the essence contained within the words. Those who are affected should remember this and all who read this information will be affected. Of that there is no doubt. You know it is not merely the words you are reacting to, for you may have heard these things before. It is the essence, power and energy of what is being delivered that are the agents to which people are reacting.

Why has this work been produced? Why can the past and the atrocities of the institutions simply not be left to lie in state? After all, very few seem to care. The answer is this: The bluff and fraud which this information exposes are holding countless True Beings trapped in mental and spiritual bondage. By producing such books many will be helped to see the illusion which traps them. Only when the traps are seen can an escape be made. These evil energy patterns, woven by the demonically-inspired and controlled institutions, need to be broken in order to allow new pure ones to be formed, and as the old ones are broken, those trapped by them will be assisted to liberate themselves. The doors of their spiritual tombs will be opened, but they still have to walk out of them into the Light. They still have to make a personal effort, however. The result of all this in physical terms will be obvious enough.

Bitter experience has now taught us that usually those who go against the institutions are the ones speaking the Truth and usually the greater the reaction of society against some assertions, the greater the validity of those assertions. The demonic essence is powerless to stop this information. The time for its end has come.