Exposing the Fraud of Religion

I have written these essays to once again expose the fraud that Religions have perpetrated on mostly unsuspecting peoples throughout the globe, in all eras, in order to trap them in cul-de-sacs of Untruths, and hide Reality from them, very much on purpose. The people then have become easily exploitable sheep from a physical, emotional, intellectual and, most important of all, a spiritual perspective.

The ultimate aim of the Religious Fraudulence has always been, from the beginning, the spiritual annihilation of those who are the true targets of these evil religions.
I have explained at length why this is so and how it all came about in my books and in previous essays. It is a recount of the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom dealing with the Celestial Error, the precipitation of an Evil Essence from that Error, and the illicit creation of the Physical Dimension and all its subsidiary sub-dimensions.
The Gnostic Doctrine of Eschatology outlines the rescue of Divine Beings trapped in this evil dimension, and the subsequent fate of those I have deemed no longer viable to continue an evolutionary physical and spiritual path.
In these essays I give details of the fraudulence of religions and their modus operandi that effectively disadvantage any who seek the Truth.
My intention is to awaken those who can still be awakened to this wickedness fostered upon them so that they will throw off the shackles that have been placed on them and so be set free.
Thus, let me begin by saying that, you can read all the news items you want, pertaining to the subjects that follow which make up the news of the day. After that we shall examine some of the fraudulence with which religions have trapped vulnerable and unsuspecting minds.
·         The Terminal Madness of the Endtime is now manifesting all over the world, not just in humans but in animals, in the weather, in celestial bodies, and in our Sun as it becomes increasingly erratic as can be judged by its ineffective and irregular radiation;
·         The dying Sun is not only affecting Earth and Humans, but all the planets. The whole Solar System is dying as are all physical structures in the Universe.
Vitamin D deficiency is going to prove fatal for many all over the globe, due directly to the fact that the Sun’s changed radiation is not converting precursors into the vitamin in our bodies as it did before.
It was thought that Vitamin D was only of concern in maintaining the health of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. But, it does more than that. Without it for prolonged periods, the heart fails, diabetes develops and dementia ensures. As deficiency is now ubiquitous, even in children in whom it caused Rickets in days gone by, it is a Doomsday bomb, for sure. The deficiency is easy enough to fix, for now, with supplements, in wealthy Western countries. But, what about people in much poorer countries who cannot even afford to buy an aspirin? How are they going to survive that epidemic? Add all the other threats to health and a Doomsday scenario ensures.
·         The ubiquitous Fragmentations in all levels of our previously homeostatic existence are becoming more obvious daily. Fragmentation is seen physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, geographically, cosmologically and spiritually (as demonic behaviour becomes the predominant norm).
·         The never-ending Wars of Terror for Terror’s sake no longer have any shock value. Next will be Syria, then Iran, then Russia and China and India and Pakistan, and … Oops the End will have come and the Archons will still be drawing up War Plans as they are bucketed into the Transmutation Vats.
·         The Misery caused by the fragmentation, madness and wars is affecting almost all people. Tell me you are carefree and happy – without your psychotropics!
You can’t, can you?
Like most, if you have not understood what is going on, you are riddled with anxiety and fear and sensing the decline into the depression of Madness. Wake up! My words are to wake you up if you are still Viable.
·         The Hypocrisy now so openly practised by most and seen by all is the way of life.  It is painful to see who is who and to have to pretend to tolerate the smirking, deceiving demons, is it not? Take heart; they are apparitions that will shortly exist no more.
·         The Dishonesty practised without a second thought in every field of human endeavour accompanies the hypocrisy. It’s true. Everybody in business seems to want to cheat you more than ever before. There are very few one can trust. Even some family members now show themselves as the thieves they are. The reason is that they feel unopposed in their evil nature, for the restrictions have been lifted. They feel they can do whatever they like. And they can, for now they are being allowed to show themselves in their true nature in preparation for their total dissolution.
·         The Deceit and Unfaithfulness of those we thought we could trust to care for us and protect us, like officials, police and politicians are nauseating.  The latest in camera use seems to be to film police bashing any citizen in the USA who even castes a glance their way. You certainly have to be brave to live in the land of the Free! But, really, is it not a sign the Madness is affecting the upholders of order due in part to the fact that criminality, with all the demons running around, is out of bounds?
·         The Destruction of Minorities and the Destructiveness of the most Ruthless is obvious in any daily newspaper you care to read. We have become immune to the Evil within our world. Most accept that it is OK to kill populations far, far away, just because our politicians tell us so.
Support is often bought with hard cash by the Archons. Was it not publicized that the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair received millions to support the kill order from George Bush for Iraq? Many suspect the same of John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister.  All Archons know their crimes. And soon they will know their sentence. Mercy is a blessing only for the contrite. These beings, like all demons, are never really sorry for their iniquities. They are liars and hypocrites, and murderers of Men and Truth.
·         The overt Racism and the Genetic Cleansing in places such as Palestine is impossible to miss. How many times have the Palestinians been called sub-human by Zionists? Is that not Hate? And, is Hate not a trait of Evil ones?
·         The Eugenics Program to kill up to six billion of us and enslave those that remain is becoming more obvious as we see how Monsanto conducts its affairs, how Chemtrails are killing our skies and how vaccines are sterilizing populations.
Soon, we shall have injectable tags for all. The excuse will be that they will provide information about the individual when most needed, such as in medical emergencies.  But, have you thought that they can be electric terminals, issuing a discharge when the controllers want to cause sudden death? Ventricular fibrillation will ensue, and it will appear that ‘enemies of the State’ and ‘trouble-makers’, anyone targeted really, will die a natural fatal heart attack whenever it suits the Archons.
Have the Archons not sought race Specific Biological Weapons? Well, with these tags, they won’t have to. They will be able to kill anyone without any effort. The mobile phone in your pocket will be enough to relay the final, fatal signal!
·         The Foundation of the Evil-inspired New World Order is all about Evil Control of those who will bow to the Might of Evil. They will be slaves, inspite of the New Agers thinking they will become ‘gods’. They will be wretched dogs, not gods.
·         The true existence of UFOs and aliens, will be confirmed, but the opportunity will be used by the Archons to enslave the masses even more.
You can read about all these subjects and still have NO IDEA of what is going on in your life, unless you understand the Spiritual Battle of Essences that is about to be finalized.
It is only by gaining that perspective, the spiritual perspective that you will know what is going on.  That is the only perspective that counts, after all, for the Earth, and the entire Physical Dimension, are scheduled for total demolition within my lifetime.
As you read and watch programs of the daily news, you will no doubt have noted the Ruthlessness with which the Archons go about their work of destroying their targets. By Archons I mean those in charge. They may appear to be elected politicians and officials, but, in truth, the major ones are the favored demonic sons and daughters of Jehovah, created for this destruction of all things Divine. The majority of the Clergy fall into that description. As I have revealed repeatedly, some 30% of human bodies are now occupied by demonic consciousness.