Fear of Mortality

The situation, as you may well appreciate, is far more complicated than this simple outline that I have written here. (If you are interested, read more of my work.)  I am the first to admit that this, at first glance, is a frightening scenario, even for prepared minds. Hence, my assertion that what is happening now, today, is the Greatest Challenge to each of us still on the globe. It is the challenge to our Physical Mortality.

I repeat: Your Divine Helpers are waiting on other levels to welcome you as you drop the shell, the meat-bag, the cardboard box! This applies only to Viables, of course.

You will be aware enough by now, of course, to realize that Humanity’s Science, in the main, does not believe in any of the spiritual components of existence even though it is greatly assisting the Self-destruction!

My advice to you is this: “Don’t argue with the fools!” There has been much research by more aware doctors, scientists, and psychologists into such things as UFOs and Aliens, Re-incarnation, Near Death Experiences, Astral Travel, Disturbances of the Spirit and Demonic Possession of Centres of Consciousness to produce Mental Perturbation which manifests as Mental Illness, and so on. Being an Allopathic Physical and a member of the Medical Profession, my belief in these things, and my writings, resulted in a 30 year battle with some members of Medical Boards, and many other doctors in the profession, resulting in a letter from them to me in 2013 saying they “did not want my kind in Medicine!” I have the letter on file.

What is my response? I know them all individually on other levels. I don’t want their kind in the True Spiritual Dimensions. They will NOT spiritually survive. That should tell you a lot. I will write more about this at a later date, perhaps.

Those who can reason with their Truth within as we progress to the Endpoint and conquer the fear of the challenge of Physical Mortality successfully will be rewarded instantly, even while living in this decaying Hell, with Peace of Mind, which is invaluable seeing so many that surround them are succumbing to Terminal Madness, and will also be rewarded with the Anticipation of Better things to come as promised by the Light and its representatives throughout the Ages.

Those who cannot meet this challenge are destined to languish in the Doom and Gloom provided by The Terminal Madness of the Endtime that I had described at length previously. It is all their doing. No one else is to blame for the existence or failure of any other, regardless of what your Monkey Mind tries to tell you.

How does one conquer the FEAR of Physical Mortality?

It is done by connecting to that part of the Self which is Immortal!

That connection will take you to a non-physical, Evil-free future if you are one of the ones to have one. Alas, only 9% of consciousness in Human Bodies will continue. The rest will perish (and dissolve) in body, mind and soul. But, it is not a simple, painless process. They have to pay, in ways I may describe another time, for the evil damage they have done to others. The Law of Divine Justice applies!

I have written about this very thing often. If you have forgotten those writings, go find them.