Fear of Physical Death

The Fear of Physical Death haunts spiritually unawakened individuals and fools.  Viables know what physical death means. It is our ticket out of here if we do not have to wait till the Last Day.

Those with no true metaphysical and spiritual perspective are traumatized to the very core of their fake ‘souls’ about dying.

Let me spend a moment putting ‘existence’ into perspective.  Physical Life is not “LIFE”. It is a brief, dreamlike state in an evil, exploitative illusion.

Most people identify as simply being the BODY which is due to die in a very short time after its creation. It may last little more than 100 years maximally.

That physical body has a consciousness which MAY, but not necessarily, be eternal, but is blocked by the Filtering Mechanism of the body from knowing that.

The body also has an Etheric Body which, as I have explained in my books, is electro-magnetic. It has its own properties and awareness. It can last hundreds of years after the death of the body. It is the one seem at places of death long after the physical body dies. Thus, an individual can actually see its own etheric body as a ghost, wraith, apparition, etc., not knowing it is his etheric body from a past life which he left behind by dying, and then re-incarnating into a new meat bag with a new etheric body but the same Astral Body.

Funny, is it not? A ghost or apparition of your former self can follow you over many lives and frighten the living daylights out of you if you happen to see it and if you are ignorant of this aspect of reality in the Illusion!

As well as that, there is an Astral Body, as I just mentioned, which again has its own properties and awareness. It can last until the end of the Physical Dimension, for it is still part of the Physical. If a being incarnated into prepared physical bodies (not necessarily what we would classify as human) at the start of the solidification of matter that forms this Physical Dimension, its Astral Body can be approximately 13-16 billion years old.

All these bodies will vanish when the Physical vanishes.  Thus, you see, one can, in reality, be billions of years old. But unknowing fools identify simply with the physical body that lives 60-100 years at best.

Any Counterfeit Being (robot or demon) created by the Evil Mind cannot be older than the Universe. It will perish with the Universe. All the evil extra-terrestrials we here so much about are doomed thus. True Atom Beings (Theomorphs – Children of the Light) were, by definition, created before the Physical Universe came into being, and will continue to exist long after it is gone, if they are still spiritually viable!  So, you see, if you are a VIABLE, YOU ARE AN INFINITE BEING!

Even when one, in ignorance, identifies as the physical body only, clues can be gained that tell the individual it is not just the body.  We spent up to 50% of our lives asleep. (Some spend even more time out of the body with stand-ins playing a role. But, I will keep this simple.)

Some scientists in all their stupidity (Programmed Cultivated Ignorance) will tell you sleep is merely when the brain switches off in order to repair itself, and the body, and that all the dreams, messages, astral travel, visitations, etc., that occur in that state are of a tired, unwinding brain seeking its own levels. What rot! Unconsciousness comes when the Astral Body leaves to seek prana or to go into the Astral World.

Even when awake, as in day-dreaming and during lucid naps, the consciousness (which is multi-faceted) can be away, partly or totally, doing other things in this realm and other realms while the stupid lump of meat robotically does what it is programmed to do guided by the rudimentary consciousness of the lower body. So, any who see themselves reflected in their mirror simply as the meat bag, are ignorant fools.

Viable are awaiting the Rescue out of this Hell. They can think of nothing better than ‘dropping the shell’, the cardboard box, as I have called the body, and moving to where they truly belong.

In full realization, they have no fear of physical death. In fact, they welcome it, for it means rescue, and it also means their particular mission in the physical has ended.

It is the ignorant fools who fear morbidly the loss of their meat bag which they were going to lose sooner or later anyway.  And one can use the presence of this fear to discern viability or otherwise.

Those of us already projecting forward to what we call ‘Home’ cannot wait to get out of here.  (BTW, don’t contemplate suicide. I know many of you do. It would be OK if your work was finished. But, the question is, “How do you know your work is finished?” Best hang around, hey? If you were to suicide, you would spend time as a prisoner in the Astral World until the End when that dimension is destroyed also, for it too is part of the Physical).

The failed fools will die a thousand deaths as they furtively and uselessly try to think of ways to escape physical death! Such an escape is impossible, and yet stupidly they fear the inevitable.

AS YOUR DISCERNMENT DEVELOPS, DO NOT THINK YOU ARE BEING JUDGEMENTAL IF YOU START TO RECOGNIZE THOSE OF DARKNESS.  This is the development of a self-protection mechanism for the Endtime so that we can avoid traps and energy exploitation better than ever before.

The evil religions told us to love our enemies, do good to them that hate us and to turn the other cheek. What baloney! Do that and you will be stripped of your Divine Energy faster than you may have thought possible.

We were told in the Endtime we would know who is who.  The reason for that is because all the evil veils would be torn asunder and we would recognize the Demons that have held us, Viables, trapped and exploited.

Practice spiritual self-preservation. Recognize who is who and protect maximally, keeping away from all deleterious items and beings. This goes for food and drink as well.  Don’t panic. Keep the monkey mind under control. Live your day as usual, being aware of all the above.