Heal Yourself

Heal yourself before it is too late.  Physically, watch what you eat and drink. Review the factors and agents of programming in my books.

I realize many foods are now genetically modified and we cannot avoid them. Do your best. Cost for organic foods is sometimes prohibitive. Eat simply.

Avoid the sun; stop smoking; don’t take illicit and/or recreational drugs, no matter how innocuous you are told they are.

Avoid crowds that are made up mainly of failed robots and demons, everywhere, and that may drain you, especially at sites where you may inadvertently open your centers.

Be aware that discarnates and demons can impinge upon your aura if you are part of a congregation in a church, if you are in a bar, a casino, racetrack, etc. What exactly are you doing going there in the first place if you claim you are on the spiritual path?

Do you really know the ontology of those with whom you are intimate? Could you be running the risk of demonic possession?

If you have not already done so, examine every facet of your life NOW.

The steps of cleansing will help you cope better, will allow you to better help others who require your help at this time, and allow a better connection to your Higher Being that will guide you to the exit point.

The more physically, emotionally and mentally polluted you are, the more you are going to suffer, the more you will be isolated from the Light, and the more you will be traumatized by the coming inevitable, horrendous changes.

You only have yourself to blame if you don’t cleanse.