Higher States of Consciousness

George Ritchie’s book of his Near Death Experience in which he explains that he saw this process of knowledge transfer from the higher planes to the minds of beings in the lower earthly plane.
This is the mechanism for the solutions of problems too, when abstract data may be given in a higher state of awareness or altered state of consciousness which later translates to ‘logic’ in the outer mind.

Consider this abstract, all of which leads to another story involving, as some have called it, Chemical ‘serendipity’. The tale is told of one, a German chemist, who had all this evidence about benzene at hand, but couldn’t figure out a structure by which to explain it all. One evening, while riding the bus home, he fell to daydreaming, and his mind was filled with visions of carbon atoms dancing around. Whether today this would qualify him as a genius or a candidate for an institution is unclear, but that he was able to get from there to the structure of benzene, and indeed organic chemistry in general, in his time, made his career.  Read it here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benzene#Ring_formula
Thomas Edison was another who admitted obtaining data in dream-like states:
Ignorant, closed-minded fools and skeptics who remain in that state at all costs, see this brilliance of some, and the ability to communicate with Higher Levels of existence, as some sort of an aberrance. That is why they, the skeptics, remain closed-minded idiots to this day. In my work, I have met some of the most qualified Medical Specialists who are simpletons when it comes to True Knowledge. One is ashamed to be associated with them, such is the level of their ignorance about matters that really count in life.
Those with Nous just know there is something more than this absurdity called physical life. They know there is continuation of consciousness. They just know it is so. They do not want or need proof.
They know that a Day of Rectification will come and that those of Evil will bear the cost of their Iniquities.
They know there is a place of Peace and Love and that this world is not it!
They simply know Evil exists for they have often felt its wrath and the abuse from demons. They also know deep in their psyche, their Nous, that those spawns of Evil, these demons, really exist, no matter how much and how often ‘Science’ denies their existence.
As time passed, I learned to distinguish the various sources that fed information to the lower minds on this level.. There are many traps for the unwary. There are many Dark Beings that attempt to interfere with our auras and lower minds even while we are connected to our Higher Minds and they attempt to interfere and feed us spurious information.
One becomes better at gaining insights and a more proper connection to our Highest Source, with time, and with the lessening of pollution, with good protection and with thorough cleansing of all the Centers of Consciousness.
That is why I stress the non-use of intoxicants of any type. They allow indiscriminate entry of beings, often unknown, into your Centers. You may think some of the effects are beneficial to you, but how do you know you are not being fooled by an evil consciousness pretending to be good and saying it wants to help you when, in fact, it is leading you astray and draining you of your valuable energy?
Stay off those hallucinogens. That is the best advice I can give. There is no such thing as a ‘little bit of damage’.
Of late, some have wanted to justify their use of Marijuana and stress its ‘benign’ nature and harmlessness. I had previously said it caused brain damage. Those of you who want to defend its use should think again in light of what you will read here:
BTW I have covered these topics at length in my books. But I would like to repeat the following:
Do NOT act on any directive you receive, regardless of its claimed source, which, if enacted, may disadvantage or harm you or anyone else in any way, whether it be physically, mentally, intellectually, morally or spiritually.
If you receive apparently benign messages, there is no harm in ignoring them until you feel certain they are ‘benign’.
Genuine Divine, Higher Spiritual Beings are not interested in mundaneness. Don’t be like New Age prudes and ignoramuses who will tell you that St Germaine or Archangel Gabriel told them what dress to buy or what colour shoes to wear, on such and such a day, what job to take, and so on.
The point I want to make here is that the information I wrote accurately, long ago, concerning Oxygen and Dark Matter was truthful even though, at that time, even my physical lower mind had doubts and even though physical proof did not, as far as I knew, existed. It does now.
That should give you confidence to use the knowledge I write about in order to expand your own mind and psychic abilities and follow the leads. In my opinion, at least, I believe they are valid and true. But, you are the judge for what you want to believe. You know my Motto well.
This raises the question of what is logical and what is illogical. The more ignorant a mind, the more illogical esoteric explanations will be for it.
Of course really stupid minds find even the most logical and plausible explanations to be ‘illogical’.
Here I am discussing the disclosure of truths as I was given, about Oxygen and about Dark Matter, before the proof was available to lower and lesser minds.
Who then is to say that many other things which ignorant minds find illogical are not, in actual fact, of a Greater Reality of which they cannot conceive?
Remember this quote: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
And this one: Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. (Both are from Arthur Schopenhauer)
Of course we have to be careful in this Virtual Reality for the Arch Demons send along fools to distribute idiocy in order to mislead those trying to truly awaken. An example is the ridiculous hullabaloo that some made regarding the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.