Highways to Hell: Religions – Instruments of Spiritual Assassination

This is why your religion is killing you:
If you are spiritually viable, the Religion in which you are trapped, yes trapped, even if it appears you are there by choice, is slowly assassinating you for a very good reason. Read on.

Many will read these words and be stirred emotionally. That is not my intention. The unawakened wise ones will ponder what I write and seek further wisdom through reflection, contemplation and meditation. They will do their best to awaken and then seek their Inner Nous which will perhaps, in time, align with what I write.
But, from the very beginning, as they have done with most of my other essays and writings, the idiots, the morons, the demons and the drugged unawakened are going to angrily yell questions such as these at me:
‘Who gives you the right to say these things?’  ‘By what authority do you write these things?’ ‘How dare you attack Jehovah and his wonderful Religions?’
My answer is to make the same statements I have always made:
·         First of all, check my Motto.
·         Secondly, the answer you seek is to the $64,000 question.
·         Answer the question yourself correctly and you will have won the jackpot, if you are still viable.
·         If you are not viable and still realize the answer prepare, for your Time is near.
·         In reality, all will know the answer by the End.
As one dictionary states: Religion is ‘a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Christian Religion; the Buddhist Religion, etc.’
My description of them is detailed below, and by the way, I will explain in detail why I write these things, just bear with me. Most of the prosaic evidence of the despicable behaviour of Religious institutions and their clergies can be gained from History, even though they have done their best to cover their tracks. But, their destructiveness has been so gross that Religions find it impossible to really hide their evilness and hate. One has to view them with a critical eye, not with their indoctrinations affecting the mind.
Religions need to be exposed fully for what they are. From what I’ve prognosticated, you know they are in the process of being dismantled, for they are part of the Virtual Reality (VR) in which, and by which, Evil has trapped us. Thus, Religions and all apparatuses of the VR are to be destroyed in order to liberate the Viables.
I use words such as ‘demons’ and ‘robots’, and their existence is becoming self-evident on this level even if people only examine human affairs with their physical minds. We all know what I mean by ‘demonic behaviour’. And if we look around the globe, all we see is the manifestation of demonic behaviour, no matter what hypocritical words those manifesting such behaviour want to use in their failed attempts to cover up their iniquities.
At this stage of Human Affairs, I cannot prove conclusively to the satisfaction of all minds that what I have been told by the Good Aliens is 100% correct. All we can do is judge the events that occur after I have been told about them and after I make the information public.
You need to ask yourself:
·         Is the information accurate?
·         Does it follow the general pattern that has been prognosticated to occur?
·         Is the information awakening people to a Greater Reality?
·         Does it explain why things are as they are?
·         Are there better explanations for what is going on?
·         Does the information I give resonate with your inner knowing, your truth within, once you bypass all the programing, pollution and indoctrination to which you, and all of us, have been subjected?
Be mindful of the fact that there is a War of Essences, and some information I have been given is actually ‘Propaganda’ to fool the Evil side and cause it to do things it would otherwise not do that ultimately lead to its further, faster exposure.
The Message that I was given to disseminate in its basic form is that the Earth (and all the Physical Universe) would undergo a progressive phase of irreversible fragmentation on all levels of consciousness resulting in their eventual total destruction with Viable consciousnesses being placed elsewhere, and those designated as non-Viable being transmuted (destroyed).
Timing was going to be variable but not by much. It is all supposed to end within my lifetime. Again I must add I cannot vouch for that. I cannot prove it in a Court of Law. I can only repeat what I am told. If there is variation, one has to simply understand that there has been a variation due to factors we can hardly understand or control on this level.
If it is accurate that the END will occur in my lifetime, then from a biological perspective, it means it will come within the next 20 years. I cannot see this Cardboard Box I am using lasting more than that. In fact, if I was a betting man, I would say it will expire well before that.