‘I want to be Number One’

In coming days, more than ever, we are going to witness the Ego and Pride of the strong against the weak as the Pathways of Self-destruction evolve for the evil ones. There will be no manifestation of Wisdom, Understanding, Fairness or True Love. The most despicable acts that Evil can commit will be witnessed.

As you well know, under the Flag of Nationalism, many nations and peoples have been destroyed even in our own lifetimes by the stronger ones. History is but a recount of abuse, hate, plunder and murder.  Each invention is virtually high jacked to see if it can be used to kill more people, animals and the vegetable kingdom faster, surer and more remotely.
Thus, I write these few words to warn about Ego and Pride and prepare you for the task of attaining Wisdom and Understanding. These words will also assist you to decipher who is who for many evil ones will keep their masks on for as long as possible to fool unaware ones.
The sin of Pride was the first sin. And it is the most destructive, for from it flow all the other flaws and weaknesses which separate one from the Divine: – Ego, Selfishness, Self-aggrandizement, etc.  And of course Ego leads to a multitude of evil spawned TRAPS.
The KEYS TO SUCCESS are to put the Divine first, to surrender totally to its will, to obey without question and to love unconditionally.
SURRENDER, SURRENDER, SURRENDER, totally and forever.!!!
With surrender, all else for the success of one’s spiritual venture follows. With surrender to the Divine come Love, Protection, Power, Wisdom, Harmony, Peace, and eventual Glory.  Without such surrender come all the problems which eventually lead to failure.
If one puts one’s interests before the Divine, plans for spiritual advancement and projects cannot come to fruition. Things go wrong because the Divine simply is not allowed to take control.  How can the Divine execute Its plans for the individual if It is not allowed to guide it unerringly? It cannot. Hence, the unguided individual flounders in a sea of uncontrolled negativity. And that is because it has removed the reins from the Divine and taken them over him or herself.
No one can succeed on the spiritual path in this way.  You are reading this website, I hope, because you want to be maximally successful in your spiritual journey and of maximal benefit to fellow travelers.
Once things start to go wrong in one’s life, often  it means the Divine is not in control. It means the individual has removed him or herself from Divine control. No one but the individual is responsible for its actions and the acceptance of the programming, pollution and indoctrinations that lead to those actions…
And of course when the individual puts itself first in this way, aggrandizing the ego, it will never admit that this is so.  Putting oneself before the Divine is the sin of the Demiurgos, the Demigod, the Evil Principle, Jehovah, Saklas the fool, the Moloch, for they are all its names by which it is known..
‘There is none greater than I. I am God above all’ yelled Yaldabaoth within the Error.  And the Divine Mother replied: ‘You are a fool, Yaldabaoth! And you have offended all the beings (gods) around you and above you.”‘
Thus did the Celestial WAR begin.
No one can spiritually survive, let alone advance, by putting oneself before the Divine. After all, the spiritual path and the quests contained within it are all about fulfilling roles on behalf of the Divine.  They are NOT about exploiting the situations which present themselves for one’s personal gain and for one’s personal satisfaction and glory. That is what the Evil Archons and their Minions are going to do as they race headlong into self-destruction now.
If these sentiments of ego and pride are hidden within any being who claims to be on the Divine Path, they will eventually surface and make that being’s presence on the path of Light intolerable.  That being will feel uncomfortable in the Light and in the company of beings of Light, for their energies would clash.  The Divine Being of Purity cannot be mocked.
There is no room for insincerity. He will not allow exploitation or progress at his expense. There can only be one Number One. And that is the Divine Consciousness.  One’s only wish should be to serve.  One’s ultimate action should be one of total surrender.
Only with these can one be happy in the misery that will develop.
Without the wish to serve unconditionally and without total surrender there can be no progress, there can be no success. It will be a sign of Viability regardless of what words the body expresses. Lip service and pretense are valueless for the Divine can see within the hearts of all.  One will gain all there is worthy to be gained by putting the Divine first in one’s life.
It is important to surrender to the Divine Will now otherwise the body and its lower Monkey Mind could try to resist the inevitable changes that are to occur, out of fear, misunderstanding, emotional blackmail and Evil’s threats.
None of us want the Evil that is going to now manifest.
But as I have explained many times before, it is a necessary step to the ultimate total eradication of all Evil. It is a spiritual surgery that MUST be done, even though we will feel the pain of it.  One loses all that is of value by putting oneself before the Divine, for the Divine Energy then is no longer part of that individual.
Ego and Divine energy are incompatible. They cannot exist in the same individual. It is one or the other. Every individual must choose. One cannot surrender totally and still retain the Ego. Surrender destroys Ego.
Conversely, retaining the Ego at all costs makes Surrender impossible.
One cannot love truly, unconditionally, and still retain the Ego, for the True Divine Love, destroys the Ego.
One with Ego cannot be a Divine warrior. That will be another way by which you will be able to discern who is who in this Endtime.
One with Ego cannot totally surrender to serve the Divine unconditionally.
One with Ego cannot become Divine. One with Ego cannot be sincere when the daily prayer is said, for Ego is incapable of bowing before another sincerely, or offering up its will totally to anyone.