If you think that this system of pain, suffering, degradation and gross exploitation is “Godly” and not evil, then you have not begun to awaken.
If you think this system in which creatures have to trap, kill and devour one another in order to survive is “Godly”, then you need to reconsider your concept of “Godliness”.

If you deny the existence of Evil, you will remain trapped in the cocoon of
Ignorance which Evil has created just for that very purpose.

If you wish to be one with the Divine’s Will, know that your effectiveness in fulfilling that wish -doing the Will of the Divine – is inversely proportional to the size of your evil-created ego.

If you are not properly connected to the Source, you are really inert and useless.  The best way to connect is to meditate effectively daily.

If you find the scientific mumbo-jumbo spiel of any more value and more
illuminating than distorted half-truths which form religious mumbo-jumbo, or vice versa, you are no closer to breaking out of this fraudulent parody which mocks Reality.

If you rationalize that suffering, frustration and injustice will no longer exist in your life once you are self-realized, even after true self-realization, you are naive and far from becoming self-realized.

If you do not realize that on this very evil level, True Beings are often programmed to attack and destroy each other rather than their enemy, the evil beings, you will not see through the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which affect them and will not recognize their true nature.

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