Religions indoctrinate adherents, starting at a very young age, in idiocy.
Here is an example: From the Catechism all Catholic children have thrust under their noses: Question 1: Who made the World? Answer: God made the World. God made everything.

But wait, in the Bible, Satan is free to give Jesus any earthly kingdom. Does that not imply Satan owns them?
And when Jesus, as an Avatar, a Son of God, says ‘My Kingdom is not of this world’, does that not imply this is not the True God’s world?
‘God made everything!’ Religions tell us. Well, if that is so, ‘He’ made Satan, and Evil and Sin and therefore we are totally absolved of all wrongdoing, are we not? If we believe ‘He’ made everything, then ‘He’ made the trap with Evil and Satan and Sin to ensnare us all! How could we, in a weakened ignorant state, fight that? If that were true, we were all doomed from the very start. In fact, if you have understood my writings, you now know that Evil, Satan and Sin all arose from the Error that occurred in a dimension far higher than this one and did not involve human consciousness. It is that Error which has trapped us and made us suffer. The real God is rescuing us from those absurdities.
BTW, possession by a layman of a Bible or a Catechism in the early years of the pseudo-Christian Church was a sin punishable by Death. Thus, the Clergy really tried hard to keep the rest of us as mushrooms. And ask yourself: Who caused the Dark Ages?
And, if you didn’t swallow the Church’s Indoctrination, you were a good as dead! From my book Death of an Evil God: In 380 AD the Edict of Theodosius stated that Christianity was to be the official religion of the Roman Empire thus evicting other systems and in the following year the Nicene Creed was confirmed by Theodosius 1 at the General Council at Constantinople as the basis of Christianity. In 382 AD, the Christian Church officially declared that any opposition to its own Creed in favour of others, must be punished by the DEATH PENALTY, and that unauthorized possession of a Bible was punishable by death.

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