This whole Galaxy is now in quarantine. The Light has closed it off in preparation for its total annihilation.  The putrefaction we are witnessing in all aspects of our existence and in the existence of all living things in the Galaxy is occurring in a sealed, isolated container!

 All the aliens in the Galaxy are undergoing their own putrefaction and they will undergo the Terminal Madness affecting unprotected Human Minds and the minds of the beings in levels of Consciousness 1, 2 and 3

Each portion of the Universe that has been destroyed previously suffered the same fate of initial isolation from the rest by the ‘Forces of Good’. I have stated previously over 90 % of the Physical Dimension has been “corrected”.

In the beginning of this Physical Dimension, Evil cut itself off thinking it could survive on the energy of the True Beings it had trapped within it. To make things difficult for Light’s correction, it isolated each Galaxy from others, each Solar System from others, and each planet from others so communication would be minimized except for the Evil Archons. This mechanism of isolation was to prevent the trapped ones from awakening to what had occurred..

Each celestial orb was surrounded by Etheric and Astral layers that further prevented communication.

But this latest isolation of the Galaxy is being done by the Light in order to prevent any Evil consciousnesses within it from escaping their fate. In the past, some did escape such procedures and wandered into other, as yet uncleansed areas, and were allowed to settle in them. On this planet, they are called Star Children!

There is no guarantee that some will not again escape the “nets” to harness them, and they will escape to other areas of the remaining Universe, but they will be captured sooner or later for they will eventually have nowhere else to go.