Many people, particularly True beings, are affected by loneliness in this evil system. Warriors must recognize this evil programmed feeling and deal with it correctly.

People are programmed by external thoughts to feel unworthy, lonely, rejected and unloved. And if they accept such programming, the resultant loss of energy is a feast for the evil system. In order to alleviate this feeling, many fall into further traps which then program, pollute and indoctrinate them further.
True Beings feel cut off from their Inner Being with this programmed loneliness and instead of turning within to strengthen the connection with the Inner Being, and the Divine Essences which provide all that is needed, they often turn outward and rely on connection from the external.  In such a way they are easy prey for trappings, for the evil system can dictate exactly how, when and with whom it will further trap and exploit them.
The thing to do when feeling lonely is not to cut off from the inner being, but rather to make a more concentrated effort to communicate with it and to reject the external world even further, for it initially rejected the being to make it feel lonely.  When this is done, the programming of loneliness is shattered, for the inner communication is self-sustaining and the system, realizing it cannot trap the being using such a mechanism, usually resorts to some other.  Hence when this mechanism is no longer operational, the feeling of loneliness passes.
Feelings of unworthiness and rejection are similar mechanisms of programming.  Why do True Beings need approval of the evil system anyway?  They certainly do not need it. They are programmed to think they do. They do not need the robots’ approval for anything. It is a bluff they use, for they are clear in their work of entrapment and exploitation, whereas the True Beings cannot understand such behavior, wanting only to exchange love and compassion. And so they are made to feel, again by programming, that there is something innately wrong with them.