Look To The Nous

Outer mind knowledge does not make one complete as a person or as a learned mind. Nowhere in external knowledge – except for banned Gnostic texts, which are ridiculed so much by the demons parading as priests, rabbis and professors who should, and do, know better – are you going to learn that this system is evil and utterly condemned! Beware Cultivated Ignorance increasing displayed by the Evil Morons in this, the Endtime.

Only connection to the Inner Nous, the Inner Knowledge and the Higher Intellect can provide what is needed for completeness. Only with the Gnostic Nous can you attain the Keys for Liberation. And only those with the Nous can seek such Liberation. The others are part of the scenery of crassness, the demons and deceitful robots of the Deception and its Illusion who must, perforce, perish with the mists of the decaying Virtual Reality when its time has come.
Don’t risk your spiritual future on the answers you gain by asking the evil louts, or the programmed counterfeit fools. They are there specifically to obstruct your spiritual view and make you remain lost in this Den of Iniquity.
You are asking for trouble if you define your Reality by consensus opinion. No better example exists than the masses telling Columbus the Earth is flat!
Until you are able to truly discern, with a great degree of accuracy, who your true friends in Light are, look not outwardly for answers, but inwardly, to your Higher Mind, to your Nous, to your Spark of Divinity within your being.
That Nous is all you need. That Spark is you in real spiritual terms, waiting to lift all of your consciousness out of the mire of murderous malignity into the Realm of the Rightful Reality’s Radiance.