Love Created Me

Love will deliver me from all Evil and it will destroy all Evil. It is the love of my creator which sustains me, even while I am trapped in this evil, exploitative time bomb.

I know that because of this Love, my Creator is working tirelessly to Liberate me and all of the True Creation from this hell-hole.

The evil demigod in charge of this dimension does not care for me.

His only aim is to exploit me by whatever means he can think up, knowing full well that I will be spiritually assassinated in due course. He does not care for my well-being. He is not a being of Love and Truth but of Darkness, Deception and Evilness.

It is he who causes me to suffer and rot in the body he created. It is he who sets me up and knocks me down.

The True “God” Creator of mine instead, is the One Who is working tirelessly to liberate me and all others who want to be liberated into “His” creation. It is “His” Love which guides me, protects me, nurtures me and will deliver me to my true abode.

There is no love in this evil system, only relentless exploitation. The evil beings do not respond to love. I, and many others, have experienced that first hand many times. They use True Beings, beguiling them with evil programming, pollution and indoctrination only to ensnare them and steal their energy. They are dishonest, hypocritical, and very, very dangerous. They are immutably evil.

I am impatient for the day I will be out of their midst and in a true loving environment. If this was not the truth of things, there would be no need to destroy this horribly monstrous, illusional and deceptive pseudo-creation totally and forever.

Indeed, I am gladdened as I look around this planet and all the decaying structures, for they signify the total destruction and the imminent liberation into a dimension of Light, of Truth, of Joy, of Love, of Peace, of Happiness and of Beauty, exactly the things that are missing from this hell.

Who will miss the fears present in this place? Not I, for all my fears will be replaced by the immensely nurturing Love of the True Divine Essence and I will be able to get on with my spiritual development without the fear of extinction, without the fear of exploitation, of accidents, of disease, of death, of unfaithfulness, of theft, of gross injustices and undeserved exploitation, of hunger and misery, of pain and unnecessary suffering.

These are the very things we suffer on this plane due to the absence of the True Love.

Those who deny that this is so are the deceivers, the workers of Darkness who trap in order to exploit. They too appear to suffer and appear to be exploited, but till now they have been rewarded for capturing the ones of True Love.

However their time is at an end. Their spiritual cannibalism is all but over. Truth and True Love will have won.

True Beings, created by that True Love will be liberated forever and Evil will exist no more. In its place will be nothing but Love!