Madness Looms

Most people carry a personal Hell around in their heads. Their mental plane is full of thoughts which torment them day and night. Unfortunately, they have created most of these thoughts and give them strength as they entertain and/or fight them.  They enter cycles of self-pity and recrimination which are destructive emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically in that they can suicide or commit crimes for which they are punished.

Spiritually too, they suffer, for the loss of energy in their mental battles against the monstrous thoughts can be great. All are subjected to unwanted thoughts, but some people cannot clear them and move on. They cannot forget the wrongs done to them or the wrongs they thought were done to them, intentionally or unintentionally, by fathers, mothers, relatives, siblings, peers, colleagues, strangers, whatever.

If you are one of these victims, learn to forgive those trespassers, even by performing a mental exercise. If you cannot do this, forget the episodes. Forgive yourself.

So, you suffered as a child. Who cares really? Can you point to any person who has not suffered, as a child, adolescent, or adult? Who are you to say you suffered more?

Why are you more deserving of compassion or self-pity, which in reality will weaken you and those who give it? So, you were raped, or sexually abused by any number of persons around you, family, siblings, religious teachers, uncles, grandfathers, etc., or you may have been a victim of incest. You are in the majority, believe it or not.

Are you the only one to have ever suffered that? Besides, it was your body that was violated, not your mind or spirit. They can only be violated if you let them be violated.

So your lover experimented with drugs and other partners, thus ridiculing you, or so you think. S/he did nothing of the sort. S/he ridiculed and debased her/himself. It is nothing to do with you. So, your spouse left you for another. Who cares?

Now you can be far more productive in far more unrestricted ways. So, your mother or aunt was rude to you and very strict. Who cares really?

You were in an accident and lost an arm. So what?  Many get cancer and die in weeks; many lose both legs; many lose their memory. There is always someone worse off.

Why are you carrying those burdens around with you? Acquaintances probably did not even know they were affecting you. So why worry after all this time? Forgive them, forgive yourself. Get on with your life.

Get rid of the tormenting Hell inside your head once and for all. And if the train of thoughts about how you were mistreated begins again in your head, realise it is your useless Ego that is reacting. Tell it you have suffered enough. Turn the train of thoughts off. It will diminish and you will have conquered the demons in your head.

Entertain them and you run the risk of Terminal Madness of the Endtime, now that the Final Stage of the War of Essences has been reached.

The unnecessary burdens of Guilt and of Self-pity (which Frederick Nietzsche described as cancer of the soul) are time bombs which destroy surely and absolutely every time.

Unburden; heal yourself, and live in the Light.

As you may have become aware, massive amounts of the New Green Energy are now being released. Evil Beings cannot use this Energy. It shatters them and It exposes them for what they are. Demons will be seen for what they are!!

This exposure is an automatic process. No one can feign a positive reaction to the Light if they are of Darkness.

This process that I forecast long ago will become obvious as time passes.  If you are of Light, embrace the New Energy as it approaches so that you will live whole, and forevermore!