Metaphysical Realities

We have reached a point in time in this physical dimension when each and every one of us must crystallize, through our own personal efforts for ourselves, that Reality which Absolute Truth can give.  For now just accept this fact: True Beings have struggled for many, many reincarnations to reach this point.  It is now up to us to define reality. As I said these volumes can only be a stimulus to the outer mind to begin or accelerate the process of realization.
The Mechanism, Light and Energy for the definition of reality must come
from within each being. External promptings can be likened to a push, but the realization must come from within.  This point is the single most important point of this chapter.  Having primarily neglected this principal point namely, that our realization must come from within, and secondarily throughout our existence having let others (whose aim to find reality and absolute truth did not coincide with ours) dictate to us, have led to the ignorant closed system we are now in; this valley of tears, this suffocating existence of horrendous pain, suffering, fear, persecution, darkness, gloom and despair.Many have not given up the struggle to liberate themselves from these conditions however.

Already I have introduced many concepts: Dimensions, Absolute Truth,
Reincarnation, Outer Mind, The Being Within, True Beings And Other
Beings, Closed System Of Existence.There are many more concepts to be considered before an adequate definition of Reality can be obtained.
Many are familiar with these concepts but it will do no harm to mention them and place everything in perspective as the chapters unfold.

As I mentioned, we need to obtain answers to many questions in our quest for the definition of reality: Who are we? What are we doing here? Where are we going? Why do we suffer? Why is there so much pain and fear? Why is there so much war and injury, disease, death? Why is there so much dishonesty, harassment, dissention, confusion, and hatred on this plane in spite of all the talk about peace and love?  Why have no answers been available in the past from philosophies, religions, and history books?
Apart from these questions we must examine all the concepts which people argue about and find which arguments are valid.
The scene is definitely one of confusion and frustration when one seeks to
define reality, because of the many spurious answers available. Nonetheless in our journey into metaphysics we can observe certain indisputable facts:
1. There appears to be a resistance, a conspiracy even, an undeclared
resentment to people finding out the truth about things.
2. People are conditioned (programmed) to think differently so that it appears that no absolute truth actually exists. This programming is done by religious indoctrination, and indoctrination by culture, race, economic and financial factors etc.
3. Behavior varies according to diet. Can the food consumed by us
psychologically affect us and help mask reality? It certainly can and does as I will explain shortly.
4. Answers given to some philosophical questions are so ridiculous (even when supplied by people who class themselves as experts and authorities) that one is discouraged and mocked in an attempt to pursue philosophical concepts further.We are actively and passively bullied by society into thoughts, words and deeds which suit it and not us.Society is evil.

It is with these questions and facts in mind that we have to allow the Light within to expose the mosaic of absolute truth so that we can truly define reality.We have reached a point of monumental change in the existence of our Consciousness and the existence of this planet.
This period of change and its arrival have been talked about since time
immemorial. Throughout all recorded history this period in time in which we are now in has been prophesied, anxiously awaited and prayed for by many.Others denied that such a period in time would come, and mocked the faith of those who believed it would come.

Since the first days of recorded history true philosophers have done nothing but waited, hoped and prayed for this Generation we are now in, because”THIS IS THE GENERATION WHICH WILL NOT KNOW DEATH.”
This is the generation when a true definition of Reality will be possible
because of:
a) Massive breakdown of the illusion used to obscure reality
b) The shattering of the resistance to Truth
c) The exposure of the conspiracy against Truth
d) The realization of what the undeclared resentment of some to the
exposure of truth meant.It is a point in time when finally it can be revealed what exactly has happened on this plane and what will happen, how this mess eventuated and why.It is time to reveal that there are true Beings and false Beings, that we have been tricked into incarnating into these shells (bodies) and accepting the consequences of a law called Karma which punishes us and makes us suffer.  It is time to reveal that we have been programmed on this level by various agents to accept Negativity (Evil).  It is time to reveal that true Beings have been persecuted by mock Beings to deny their knowledge, their Light within, their inheritance, their role and purpose and the very existence of their Source.

Some have been reduced, by a loss of awareness, to the ability of denying the existence of “God” of whom they are a part.  The situation has become very sad indeed because by doing this the True Beings have denied their very own existence. (Excerpt from “JOURNEY INTO THE WORLD