Mind Programing 1

Programming of the Inner Mind is done by the Divine Essences instilled in it at its creation. This programming reflects the Will of the individual’s Divine Creator. Programming of the outer mind is done by external agents and these can belong to either of the opposing sides, Good or Evil. The inner programming is a direct pathway to the Will of the Divine.

The outer one is changeable and influenced by all external stimuli. For detailed descriptions of programming, readers are referred to Volumes 1 and 2 of “Journey into the World of Metaphysics” and to “Making Sense of the Madness, Volume Two: Keys to Reality”.  Will is the resultant FORCE OF THE MIND. The will of the Absolute is the force of the mind of the Absolute in the nucleus. When that Inner Mind expresses, it expresses the Will of the Absolute. It cannot express anything else. The outer mind can choose the path of expression according to the programming it gets from the outside forces and from the effects of the Inner Mind. Freewill can be used to cut off the communication to the Inner Mind and allow the being to accept outer programming only, be it good or evil, or any combination thereof. Whatever the expression, the result is always the result of FREEWILL.
When a True Being surrenders to the Divine Will, what he is doing is bypassing the outer mind and its programming and expressing the Inner Mind. Turning to the Light means the same thing. Harmony is ensured then, because only one Will manifests: the Will of the Absolute.
Disharmony ensues when there are two wills from the two minds in conflict. The outer expresses evil programming, the Inner Mind expresses the Will of the Absolute.  Note that harmony can also occur when the Inner Mind and Will are completely cut off or non-existent and only the will of the outer is followed. This occurs in non-Permanent Atom Beings as well as in Permanent Atom Beings who cut off their Inner Mind. If the Inner Mind is totally cut off, harmony with the outer environment can occur for the outer mind expresses unopposed whatever programming it has.
Disharmony occurs when the external programming is contradictory to the being’s Inner Mind. Disharmony can also occur in a True Being who is polluted when he remembers that there is an Inner Mind with a Divine guiding Light. The Inner Mind’s guidance is missed. The more complete the programming by one side, the greater the harmony because the other side is completely cut off.
Being harmonious on this level, with this level does not mean harmony with the Divine Light.  Freewill can be used to cut off programming, for Freewill is used to control the amount of programming an individual will accept. If the pathway between the two minds is cut off, the outer mind only expresses, and depending on the quantity and quality of programming it receives, the effect can be good or evil or a mixture.
If there is no Positive external programming, both essences are represented, the evil one acting on the outer mind, the Divine acting on the Inner, and the expression depends on the choice made by the individual using Freewill.
If all external evil programming is cut off, as far as possible, both minds are in harmony with the Divine Essence and Good results.  If the Inner connection is cut off and there is no Divine external programming, the outer mind is at the mercy of the evil external programming and will express total evil.  If the Inner connection is severed and so is the external evil programming, the outer mind can express Good.  If all external programming is cut off (this is the ideal situation) the Inner Mind expresses the Will of the Absolute.

This is a simplification for illustration. In reality, the expression is a combination of the 2 minds and the two programs. And as I will show later, some negative programming on this plane is unavoidable.  
Negative programming is the demigod’s method of making people do his will. Non-Permanent Atom Beings are easier to program because they have only one orbit of awareness, they have no Divine Essences and they feel harmonious with the conditions of this dimension because for most this is their heaven and home.They have no other source. They have no other memory, no other aim, no knowledge or awareness of the Absolute. All beings, regardless of their ontology, have FREEWILL to choose between Light and Darkness. Positive programming can act on non-Permanent Atom Beings, but since there is not the back-up of the Inner Mind and the Essences of the Absolute, the influence is not as strong as in True Beings who are also more difficult to program by evil, for evil.They have a greater awareness and a greater sensitivity because of the nuclear content. They have a more difficult time trying to be harmonious with this evil plane and the only easy way to evil harmony is to block the Inner Mind off. This has been the aim of evil.

This explains why True Beings are often frustrated on this earth. There is an inner conflict between the external evil programming and their Inner Divine programming. They reflect the war of essences. To give in to the programming of evil which results in apparent harmony and loss of internal conflict and adds sensory pleasure, but results in loss of TRUE awareness of the Absolute, of the Source, of one’s true purpose in life, is the easy way out. The price paid however, is very, very high.