Mind Programming 2

The disharmony felt by the True Beings is actually a product of evil scheming. The emotional body monitors all input and output. Hence, an external input which conflicts with the influences of the Essences will always give discord. Therefore, the True Being will cut off. Either the evil input is altered, or the output of the Divine Nucleus is. The latter is easier to block in this environment because of the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination. Evil programming occurs by extensive means in this realm as other sections of the writings demonstrate.

The three systems, Digestive, Reproductive and Respiratory, evolved in the physical body, as well as the Etheric and Emotional bodies, are the channels for evil programming.  In the Digestive system various foods are used to program the outer mind for evil intent. Meat, chocolate, the cauliflower and cabbage family, alcohol, tea, coffee, all manufactured drugs, drugs of addiction, etc., are all items with negative energy. They can be used to influence the outer mind to express evil.
Unless the emotional body is bypassed as much as possible, all actions, thoughts, etc., stimulate it and these stimulations can cause disharmony. Disharmony causes Divine energy drainage in the True Beings and therefore, loss of awareness. It further excites the emotions. The person in disharmony tends to upset others.  Hence, more emotions are expressed. A vicious cycle is set up as in the rat race. The only winner is evil. Unless one is harmonious with the Divine Essences, harmony will be with the evil programming, for pleasure of the senses, and this will lull the awareness. The being is deluded into thinking he is on the correct spiritual path when, in actual fact, he is in a TRAP! This then leads to a willingness to accept further programming and entrapment. That is why so many of the True Spiritual Masters have stressed detachment!
Nearly all people are orientated to pleasure-seeking in this world, not the pleasure of service and True Love for the Absolute and its creation, but pleasure for the senses and often at the expense of other people.  The much unjustifiably lauded need to conform is also a trap. Peer pressure tries to keep all at one level of awareness and tries to prevent expansion of awareness, the exploration of new pathways, the abandonment of this evil system and grasping the chance of finding traces of the Truth. Just glance at what the churches did, in ages past, to those who attempted this. Millions, as I recount in “Making Sense of the Madness, Volume Three: Death of an Evil God”, were tortured to death or burned at the stake.  Once the Inner Mind is blocked off and the evil input is allowed to flow in unabated and the will expressed is that of the programming of evil, two things occur: Firstly, actions which increase the energy yield for evil ensue. That is, more pollution via sex, wrong type of food, drink, unscrupulous dealings, cunningness in business, cheating, is acquired. More emotional exploitation of others occurs.
Secondly, negative thoughts are accepted to further block off the Inner Mind and reduce awareness. These thoughts tend to suggest that the Inner “Voice” is not real, that there is no reality other than the visible, tangible, measurable. These negative thoughts are picked up by the spiritual workers of class 5 working for evil, then enlarged, polished, placed in a NEGATIVITY POOL and fed back to the Being and other True Beings who are further trapped by and for evil.
The more the Inner Voice is ignored, the less will it make itself obvious. The deeper it is buried, the greater the difficulty to summon it up later! Nonetheless, it is always there and always available.  The Inner Mind knows one’s true identity. A High Being may be grossly unaware in the physical due to many factors. The Higher Consciousness may laugh at the blocked off physical mind that expresses without knowledge of the true identity. If the Higher Consciousness has a role to perform and the lower one does not respond, in time it will leave. The body may then die or another consciousness may possess it. There is no guarantee under these circumstances when the Higher Consciousness is forced to leave, that the replacement consciousness will be of the same ontological nature.