More on Church-Going

More on Church-going:  From infant days, we all respond to an innate desire to return to our Source.  From a very young age we feel the yearn to “connect” to the Numinous.  Before we can think or reason however, the indoctrination starts – at kindergarten, Sunday school, Primary school, from family, peer pressure, etc. How many of us were told it was a sin to lose the faith of our father’s.

How many of us were told we had the God-given gift , the “real, one and only true” religion?  I am sure Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, etc., were all told that.

And that simple stupid Untruth has caused countless numbers of wars, and massive suffering throughout history. And that is how Jehovah and the Evil System have wanted it, for they live on the energy released by that suffering of True Beings.

The Churches have disguised their Evilness somewhat today by a number of means, such as catering for the poor, appearing to collect money for poorer nations, etc., but their iniquities are there in history for all to see. It is the nature of Evil Man to be brutal.

Remember the Crusades? Remember Charlemagne making converts for the Pope? He yelled at each “Christianity or Death”! And if they did not choose Christianity, they were beheaded on the spot! Remember the Pilgrims? Kicked out of England because of Religious intolerance, they started slaughtering the American Natives with the same sense of intolerance as soon as they hit Plymouth Rock!

Many good people, many viable robots who truly live with love in their hearts and try to live daily according to the Golden Rule, attend their community Churches for they often know no better. Peer pressure plays no small part in forcing them to front up. They are viable because they are not hypocrites. They really try to be loving people.

We all enjoy good music, colorfulness, camaraderie, the apparent benevolence of our fellow man, etc., etc. And that is why many attend these churches. As I have explained in my earlier books, they are social clubs in the main, with hidden, very sinister agendas. The Jews make no bones about it. The synagogue is for business.

But going to these churches with their mixed congregations has dire tricks. By mixed congregations I mean the crowds have non-viable robots and demons, and failed True Beings in them.

Mixing with the crowd, and not knowing much about protection, good people run the risk of further indoctrination if they are not awakened. And pollution in ethereal forms is there too.

Churches are full of disgusting discarnates waiting to impinge of the auras of the gullible. Have you been near one lately, since your psychic abilities have returned? Yes, they are frighteningly full of discarnates who try to suck energy out of the physical beings. Most people take a number of them home after going to church..

The church space is bombarded with malevolent energies from the subtle levels to keep the robots and demons in line. If Viables are in their midst, all the better, for the Archons of Darkness see them as the main targets.

Now do you see the dangers in what superficially may appear a harmless exercise of attending these social clubs?  I am not exaggerating.

If one goes to sex clubs, one will be exposed to drink, drugs, sex-demons and discarnates impinging on auras, wanting to sense the pleasure of sex at any cost.

If one goes to a gambling casino, one will pick up any number of discarnates with the gambling bug, and they will impinge on auras to feel the pleasure of gambling ad nauseum. Drinks, drugs and prostitution, of course, are also involved.

An interesting book was written some years ago by George Ritchie, a Professor of Psychiatry, who noted these things during his Near Death Experience. It is called Return from Tomorrow. I was delighted when I read the book a year or so ago, for it confirmed what I had written in the 1980s without knowing about his work.

Once fully awakened to the Gnostic Truth of the Ancient Wisdom, and to the identity of Jehovah and the roles of religions, all of which have been formulated by Evil to serve Evil and trap Viables, one would choose not to go to these so-called places of Worship, even if such a visit might appear harmless. Why expose oneself to the dangers that lurk within?

I know many find comfort in going to the churches and thinking about God and wanting to be loving individuals and to do good for their fellow man. But the danger is that while in that state, with their Centers of Consciousness fully opened and unprotected, the evil indoctrination can be slipped in and great damage is done to the innocent attendant. It is these sincere people who are programmed thus, to then go and kill others in the name of their religion when they are told to do so. They have been turned into Religious Morons. If it were not so, History would not be the mess that it really is. Without that Programming and Indoctrination, they would do no such thing.  Now do you see the dangers?

If you trace the foundations of all religions, you will find they will use an Avatar’s name, add some points of Truth to their doctrine and then a lot of BS. They have done it with Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Manichaeus, Jesus, Mohammed, etc., etc. Most people do not have the time or inclination to do the research to find all this out. They trundle along through life upholding the traditions of their forebears and following the religion of their fathers.

It is a great blessing to be awakened as many of you now have. It has been essential to do so, as this is the Endtime.

Those still trapped in the various religions who still have love in their hearts and attempt to live by the Golden Rule will be rescued in due course also, even though they have been exposed to great dangers in their religions.  If you ARE awakened, do not take unnecessary chances.

Do not expose yourself to the possibility of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination in any of the forms and mechanisms I have enumerated in my books. These evil forms of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination have unfortunately worked well for Evil, and destroyed many good and viable people in the past whose intention ws to find their Path back Home in the wrong place..

To the Light and Its Truth, and to thine own Self be true.