More On Demons

Demons love their bodies for they can disguise their evil nature in them and exploit their victims more easily. But, as I have stated elsewhere, we are all regaining our spiritual vision, and are starting to identify demons in their bodies so that we can put an end to their energy pilfery.

It is demons, robots and deluded, and unawakened or failed Theomorphs who are obsessed with physical looks, supposed sexual charms and attributes. They are also easily dissatisfied, often, with their physical, and make plastic surgeons rich beyond imagination, even though the end results of surgical interventions are usually more dissatisfaction in the demons and robots, for they are never satisfied, if truth be known. They are expressing their dissatisfaction, not because their bodies are necessarily ugly or disfigured, but because they know how ugly they truly are in spirit.
Why do some become prostitutes and gigolos so easily even when there is no need for them to work in such degrading professions? It is because they know they can gain much energy from positive beings far more easily by using their bodies for sexual exploitation. It is the energy they are after, and they don’t care if they have to take drugs, have surgery in an attempt to look and feel better, be abused by pimps, run the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, get infected with potentially fatal Hepatitis C, be prosecuted by the Law, be open to blackmail, etc., etc., etc. All in those professions are demons or demon-possessed, with no exceptions.
Rehabilitation procedures carried out in great numbers in South East Asia, where prostitutes were released from the control of their pimps and made financially stable in order to lead normal, non-prostituting lives, failed miserably.  It was found that as soon as they possibly could, the women, men and boys, returned to prostitution, even though they were no longer in financial need. The prosaic practitioners could not understand why that was so.
It is the ‘energy’ of their victims that the prostitutes are after. And there is an agreement with the Evil System that they keep a percentage of that energy for themselves. The major portion goes to the Evil System. That last point is metaphysical, and while you may not fully understand it, it is accurate. Jehovah set it up that way. Now you know why prostitution is called the oldest profession in the world. The evil Principle would have it no other way.
Here is a recent article from Live Science (July 16, 2012) demonstrating that demons express even before the Age of Reason:
Energy extraction of some by others leads to one or more of the most disastrous experiences most of us endured when we were younger, as we were led by the nose by our hormones and their evil-created emotional love into the ‘time-dishonoured’ ridiculous Concept of Marriage. Invariably a highly evolved, True Spiritual Being is married, as if by choice but really by evil programming by evil vectors such as the aforementioned hormones, and Emotional Love, to a demon. This allows massive energy exploitation of the victim.
BTW, it is now well known that Emotional Love, falling in love, and wanting to copulate, are emotional and psychological states created by exchange of salivary antibodies, release of dopamine, suffusion of pheromones, etc., when one kisses another. Your mind really has no say in it. Freewill on this level? What Freewill?
The more dissimilar the antibodies, in particular, the greater the fall into emotional love, regardless of other circumstances and operating factors. A temporary situation is created and those involved ‘fall in love’.  When progeny is produced, and the antibody factors diminish, they fall out of love, often with the outcry ‘What the Hell was I thinking’! Well done O Evil Demiurge. Once again, you got your way.
Now, as I have pointed out before, as our true vision is restored and we see who is who, such marriages will collapse all the more quickly for energetically, Viables will not be able to associated with demons or failed robots.
This again leads me to this point: The more you awaken, the more will you be intolerant of evil beings and non-Viables. Even their voice or proximity can cause one to feel unwell. Often nausea becomes prominent in the Viable. This occurs even if Archons-Demons-Beasts are speaking on a television broadcast or at a rally, etc.
Do not be thrown off balance. Such reactions in you are a positive sign that you are awakening and can now identify the scum from their putrid energy.  You will find you will automatically seek means of alienating yourself from such evil creatures in preparation for total separation with lift-off to the New Dimension.
This demonic ploy of triggering brain function with pre-programmed stimuli, then hormonal release with uncontrollable physical responses is often seen in teenage males who can actually ejaculate in their pants with no chance of controlling themselves under these circumstances. I have seen many such patients. Luckily low doses of SSRIs can help them control these urges. Can you think of anything more evil than this embarrassing impost on a young man who has his Freewill overridden in this way?
There are many other programmed reflexes that the physical body can express that destroy the concept of having freewill on this level. As I said, they are mechanisms to block the expression of the True Spirit from within, and they serve to drain it, especially when they lead to problematic situations, and activities the evil institutions then label as ‘sinning’.
Did you understand that last paragraph fully? The Evil System programs you to fall into traps, against your will, and then punishes you for it. What an evil system, hey? Who but demons can defend such a wicked system?
All such programming is evil as I have explained in my books, even though each type of programming seems essential for physical existence. The end result is loss of Divine Energy.
Once understood, there can be no mistake when saying it is evil to do this to a being. Thus the assertion that the True Spirits have been trapped in matter stands. It is not a pleasant experience as the New Agers contend.
Existence on this level is an evil trap that leads eventually to physical and spiritual annihilation of True Beings who are the enemies of Evil but are Invaluable Children of the True God, Sparks of Light that are precious. Thank this True God that deliverance from Evil is nigh for deserving ones!
As the article above demonstrates, Demons are programmed from a young age to act as the trigger mechanisms, and an astute person/therapist can recognize it in preschool girls. Yes, it’s an evil system alright.
It is not a ‘normal’ reaction to propagate the species. It is a purposely programmed destructive reaction to drain Theomorphs of their precious energy.
You will know if they have been successful in draining you of some energy, for often demons whom you have met purposely or incidentally during the course of your day may visit you nocturnally, during which time you may be sexually excited. They are back for more energy. You may think I am joking. Wait and see. If most people were honest (they are not) they would own up to such experiences.
Aliens too may come during the night to steal ova and sperm, and therefore energy. These are related to some of the stories of Succubi and Incubi in literature who more often than not are demons and discarnates who seek to copulate in vain but still drain some energy from their victims.
This mechanism for energy extraction is the reason for the explosion of Pornography and prostitution which has been legalized just about everywhere.