Oh, Look How Pretty

Oh, look how pretty you are to the physical eye. My, oh, my, such expensive clothes, and such fine jewellery. And I bet that perfume and all that make-up cost a pretty penny too.

Ok, ok, the wrapping is nice, and to the eye pleasing, in a limited way. But what is your body worth? About 73 cents in chemical terms? No matter how great it looks today, its appeal will fade as you age. Time and Gravity will reduce you to a stooping pile, inexorably, as the perfumed smell dissipates into the tiredness of senility. Your mind so crisp and sharp, and the glint in your eye so alluring and menacing, as it seeks fecund fulfillment, will both pass into the confusion and inactivity of an old age possessed of ills and resignation. Not all are gifted with gerontophilia and you too will suffer the timed, programmed rejection by youth which thrives on such imbecility.
The priceless pearl which you possess, if of timelessness you truly are, is that which resides in the fleshy wrapping inside the bought material wrappings. It is not part of them, only hidden there, held prisoner by the mockery of a fraudulent, flawed, physical personality.
The pearl, the pearl, it is that longs, from these wrappers, to be free. Oh, what price freedom from the decay and ensuing misery, from the entrapping physical fecundity, from the inexorably withering malady of a flawed system and its flawed existence in a Time temporary?
Oh, that the mind from such traps could once and for all be free. Such a thought is the very start to that road to True Liberty.