Physical, Etheric and Astral Bodies

Here is the extract from my book:  Changes to the Physical
As stated earlier, etheric and astral worlds were built to contain the spiritual beings between physical lives. To live in these worlds the spiritual body was clothed with etheric and astral bodies. The Etheric Body is an electromagnetic envelope which contains the other bodies. It is attached to the physical by a silver cord (often seen clairvoyantly). It also has physical characteristics such as weight and dimensions, and is subjected to local conditions which can interact with an electromagnetic field. Its effects are photographed by Kirlian photography and it is injured by sound, ultraviolet and radioactive radiation.

Within this etheric body exists another electromagnetic envelope, the Emotional Body which is another Evil-created structure imposed on beings. It is activated by special Rings of evil influence that reside in the evil environment. When excited, it causes drainage of energy from the spiritual body in which are 49 concentric circles of energy around the nucleus of the Permanent Atom. As the energy in these falls, the awareness falls, as discussed elsewhere. Changes in energy and awareness cause etheric body changes and this allows variations in the Aura which many psychics can read.
The physical body which we have now, designed by the evil demigod, has evolved through various stages. Planned decay and disease and death were included, for death removed the consciousness from the body and helped erase the memory. As the awareness was lost, the fear of death gave more emotional energy, and the suffering and emotional upheaval to family, victims, relatives and friends due to tragedies, further increased fear and gave the evil demigod more energy.
In the New Dimension decay will not occur. The new bodies will be permanent. Agents of disease, decay and putrefaction such as fungi, bacteria and viruses (which are the evil demigod’s creations) will disappear. Harmful radiation will disappear as the elements will be stable.
Death or displacement of consciousness occurs at all the physical levels. Hence, in the mineral level even elemental decay changes the physical properties of that element. Vegetation dies and experiences continuous change also as in shedding of leaves, flowers, etc. Animals and humans die. None of these things were supposed to happen. Plants once created were to last. No part of creation was supposed to eat any other. Nutrition was totally by sunlight and prana, but evil tampering caused disastrous changes.
The bodies evolved by the evil demigod depend on Earth’s environment. Some are aerobic. Oxygen was not a component of the original plan. With decay and death of the bodies and the use of some as food in the food chain, a regenerative system was planned. Reproduction by sexual and asexual means evolved. The reproductive cycle was linked to the emotions and great use was made of it by the evil demigod to trap and exploit. The bodies in the New Dimension will not have respiratory, alimentary or sexual systems.
All the energy in this Universe is contaminated spiritually. New Energy will be introduced and all the contaminated energy will be destroyed. Those who are creations of the Evil Energy will be transmuted. Hence, Evil Energy will disappear forever.’ End of extract.

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