Programming – Part 3

h-35The last few years of this planet, many demons have been taking over, and are continuing to take over, bodies under certain conditions. Not all are voluntarily vacated. This is body snatching!  Some beings are being forced out of their own bodies under certain circumstances which include times when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, when they are physiologically shocked for whatever the reason, when they are severely polluted by negative energy from other sources and when they entertain these evil entities for fun, sex and/or experimentation.

Sex with demonic entities can occur on the etheric levels and it is extremely dangerous. Incubi and succubi do FORCE themselves on people who are extremely polluted.  Usually demons in physical bodies (15% of the population is of demonic essence) entertain the thought of such nefarious activities as sex with discarnates and demonic entities. If you think that is not so, a review of the many reports of evil witches and satanists conducting so-called “Black Masses” to facilitate fornication with Satanic entities may change your views.
After death, when the body and vehicle for programming are lost, full connection or partial connection to the true identity will occur. As I stated above, if a High Being has a particular job to do for the Divine and on coming down into the physical becomes so trapped and programmed by evil that he does not awaken to his duty, his Higher Self (Inner Mind and consciousness) can recall him. That is, he dies, for he has misfired as it were. He can then descend onto this level again, re-entering the physical either by being born again, or as a “WALK-IN” into another available body. This latter method usually allows a greater awareness to be retained. However, it also means inheriting the situation (often unpleasant) to be worked through, which made the first occupier of the body want to leave.
The outer mind can be exploited. Various influences can be presented to it and then the Freewill will be used to accept or reject these influences. If these influences are taken up, the mind can then be PROGRAMMED to do the will of the originator of the influences which can be Good or Evil. It is the individual who allows himself to be programmed in the first place.
The more a True Being accepts evil programming, naturally the more its awareness will be reduced and the more will it accept evil programming and cut off the Inner Mind. It is a vicious cycle, nonetheless, the being will eventually feel harmonious with evil as its pollution increases. The more it accepts the Divine Energy, the less is evil tolerated and the more it is aware of evil influences. Hence, they can be avoided and harmony with the Inner Mind results. It is important to realize that it is the individual’s exercise of Freewill which causes him to be programmed one way or another. This applies to both True and Mock Beings, for both have Freewill.
Various foods, drugs, alcohol and the emotions (and things that trigger emotions) are the agents used for negative programming. All things in this realm are saturated with evil energy and it is the degree to which we allow this evil energy to influence us that dictates the programming.  Left on its own, the outer mind is no match for the evil forces which act on it. It is simplistic in the extreme and can be readily programmed. Naturally, the ontology of the being and the nature of the programming agents to which mind and body are exposed have a bearing on the result. Nonetheless, as a general rule one can state that those of an evil nature are most receptive to the Evil Essence, with no chance of contacting the Divine frequency unless they turn to the Light, whereas those of a Divine nature have a double channel of information trying to feed their outer mind and that is why they often are more confused than the former.
The outer mind is very weak with little resolve and very little drive (will). It is affected quite erratically by the programming agents from the external and by the pollution and indoctrination which the individual acquires. Left on its own, it tends to gravitate to a point of sluggishness and inertia which represent little value in this battle of essences but great danger for the true individual.  Its motivation comes from outside of it. It must be actively bombarded by external thought patterns and it must receive them in order to act in any particular way. Thus far, the predominant energy patterns bombarding this plane have been those of evil. People receptive to these evil patterns have been motivated in the manner dictated by these bombarding evil energy patterns.