Reincarnation and Karma

Regardless of what your scripture does or does not tell you, everyone has been brought under Yahweh’s false spiritual Laws of Reincarnation and Karma (the means by which you are made to suffer “to make up for” some prior acts). However, the most evil ones are above the law.

In place of Divine guidance and love, Yahweh set up and has administered a false spiritual system of reincarnation and karma, in which beings are forced to incarnate in the physical over and over (countless times), and the good ones are disadvantaged and made to suffer “to learn their lessons”. The one and only purpose of these spiritual laws is to slowly spiritually assassinate True Beings. Time after time they come back, cut off from the spiritual realm, programmed by the prevailing evil social systems (including the deceitful religions), forced to act in support of the evil system, trapped in evil relationships, abused, exploited, ravaged by disease and other conditions, and physically die, over and over.

The effect is designed to be cumulative, to separate a child of God from any connection to, or even remembrance of, its Father-Mother God. Yahweh, in all his evilness, has declared that it is the greatest violation of his law, the greatest sin, to have any other “god” but him.

The more spiritual a being is, the more a being rejects this world of evil and illusions, the more a being seeks connection with the True God, the more that being is made to suffer. This is the law of Yahweh and the Kingdom of Zion.