Religions Are Not A Path To God

People flock to Religions, although they did so in greater numbers in the past, because they have been programmed to be like lemmings, like sheep. Hence, the word sheople! And they have been programmed to follow a leader or leaders who convince them that they know better than the followers do, possibly because they have studied subjects of the Cultivated Ignorance and been mockingly, spuriously empowered by other heads of the clergy to take the lead.
Now, consider these assertions I make which are based on the truthful, but often obfuscated, functions of Religions:

·         Religions have been created purposely by demons who own this plane to harness minds and destroy True Beings after they have drained them of their energy.
·         All Religions, bar none, are Evil-created edifices, created by Evil to serve Evil. They are certainly based on some truths but this is mixed with untruths and outright, outrageous lies with which to trap honest seekers of Truth.
 Even if the teachings were initiated by Avatars, they were taken over and distorted by demons to trap the unaware usually after the death of the Avatar. It is one thing to give people words that stimulate their thinking and set them on their own Path to Spirituality as Jesus, Manichaeus, etc., did. It is another to set up Dogmas that must be believed or else, as Institutionalized Religions have done.
·         They are NOT pathways to Heaven, in fact they obstruct that path; they are Highways to Hell via their pronounced hate, violence, avarice and activities that facilitate demonic possession.
·         They are obstructions to the Truth. Jesus said it clearly ‘The Clergy have taken the keys to Truth and hidden them’.
·         They are energy-extracting centres, and drain those who have the Divine Energy that the Evil System desperately needs to run its Evil Empire.
·         They pollute and facilitate demonic possession of True Beings, as I will explain.
·         They corrupt the young with indoctrination, pollution and programming. The Jesuits have a saying that says (I am paraphrasing), ‘If we can get our hands on a child before the age of 7, he will be ours (our slave) for life!’
·         Religions destroy lives with the behaviour of their sacerdotes who are well known for sodomizing children and seducing women.
·         Demons use sex to drain those with energy and to implant demonic energy into those they violate, thus causing mental illness and demonic possession in them as I have just written. Whores and gigolos and all other sex workers are demons who specialize in those evil processes. No exceptions!
·         Religions are hypocritical in the extreme, for while they appear to cater to the needs of those they entrap with false promises, they ensnare with untruths.
·         They are punitive, hateful, divisive and exploitative. Watch the video I give below.
·         They are bellicose, and are invariably the fundamental reason for most wars even as their officials speak hypocritically from one side of their mouths about peace.
·         They create mental illness with their untruths and rhetoric. The clergy in the Catholic Church are known for the incidence of Mental Disease which is the highest in any organized group on the planet. The reason is that many of those members are Viables who awaken to the traps they are in and cannot escape. Thus, the mental anguish. I have personally seen this.
·         They anaesthetically embalm the mind and spirit while appeasing the emotions with false promises and promises that they cannot keep.
·         They placate the need for comfort with deadly untruths.
·         Many, especially the Catholic Church, extol the virtue of parents having many, many children when they can least afford them, thus creating more hardship, suffering, emotional breakdown of some, more poverty, abuse, and more cardboard boxes in which to trap True Beings or else accommodate evil-created robots and demons coming onto this plane.
·         In the past they have been instruments of physical and psychological torture everywhere they existed on the planet, as history books will reveal.
·         They are run by demons or unawakened, fooled Viables.
·         They are of the Essence of Evil which in Judeo-Christian writings we have called Jehovah, Yahweh, Yaldabaoth, Rex Mundi, Saklas the Fool, the Mollock, Demiurge, The God of Israel, The God of Zion, etc.
·         Today they are more like social clubs where individuals can congregate, but they still function as subversive, energy-drainage systems that indoctrinate subliminally as we see with the idiotic, irrational, brain-washed Born-again Pseudo-Christian Brigade.
·         Religions preach love and tolerance, but history reveals they practice hate and intolerance.
·         The ultimate tools of Religions, apart from hate, are blackmail and fear.
·         Religions always want money; they can never get enough money, as George Carlin so humorously pointed out to us in his stage repertoire. Money is a creation of the Mollock. Ergo? Money and Religions are evil twins created by the Mollock!
·         Religions love money. Tele-evangelists claiming they are Religionists have turned it into an art form. Isn’t the love of money the root of all Evil?
·         Missionaries and proselytizers are a mixed bunch: do-gooders and rotters. History tells us that they are rotters in the main and indigenes all over the world have the scars, the half-castes and burial grounds to prove it. Religious zeal and hubris caused terror in invaded populations that were destroyed culturally, emotionally, sexually and physically too. The invaders made life a bigger Hell for the natives and sexually exploited them whenever they could. The ‘Missionary Position’ is not a political manoeuvre. Modern day accounts are of missionaries acting as spies for monetary or military conquest of lesser nations.
·         Churches are not houses of ‘god’. If you have regained your psychic abilities, you will see that these edifices are packed with discarnates and demons, especially when the people congregate. They are there to suck energy. While attending, the ‘live’ people are emotionally stirred in many ways, not the least being the threat of perdition. Thus, their Centres of Consciousness are open, for the majority know nothing about PROTECTION and Religions are certainly not going to teach them that. The discarnates and demons can then infiltrate their auras and suck energy from the Centres. Or else, if there is damage to the Centres, they can actually invade the Centres and this eventually leads to more serious Mental Disease. That explains the high rate of such disease in the Clergy.
The discarnates and demons view these congregating places as watering holes, as they do brothels and gambling casinos.
This also accounts for the very high percentage of demonic possession in the members of the clergy who then molest little children, an unfortunate saga we are all familiar with these days as some sections of the media have exposed them.
But, realize this is not a modern day manifestation of evilness. In former times Monasteries functioned as pubs for drunkenness and as brothels too.
Your Religion, regardless of its name, is there, as is every Religion, to prevent you finding the truth about yourself, the world and the True God. They are instruments of subterfuge, distortion, entrapment, divisiveness, eventual hate, and punishment. Who can forget their idiocy as manifested in the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the fight with Galileo, their absurdity about the Bodily Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven? It is a contradictory Dogma. How can a physical thing exist in a non-physical dimension? And yet, Catholics were forced to believe it under threat of punishment. Go figure!
It gets worse. The Catholic Church has been labelled as the biggest and most successful extortion racket of the last 2100 years.
All Religions are edifices of the Virtual Reality that give a false framework for existence on this level.  Inspite of the fact that they do use some Truths in their doctrines, they are Evil’s instruments, run by Demons for the benefit of Evil. That is why the power they have over people is waning and they are being eradicated. It is all part of the process to set Viables free.
For their falsehoods, they stand condemned. And just because they purloin the name of the Avatar in the era in which they arise gives them no legitimacy whatsoever. In fact, it demonstrates clearly how they steal and then abuse everything of Good they can get their hands on. Of that there is no doubt.
Religions have been created to harness your mind and emotional body via a destructive process that fools you and gives you false hope while at times trying to empty your pockets and use you as cannon fodder when the need arises.
It distorts logic and prevents you from believing what you want to believe. Being its member, you are bound to believe its Dogmas, Traditions, Rhetoric and imbecilities, no matter how ridiculous, under the threat of punishment.
Shouldn’t the Truth set us free?
Religious truth puts a noose around its adherents’ heads and threatens them with punishment, making prisoners of their minds and hearts. The Dogma I cited above is a classic example.
And the demons were, and are, really, really mean and deadly too. They slaughtered million and burned great numbers at the stake. It is hard for us to imagine such atrocities today. Or is it? What about smart bombs, so-called, fired from hundreds of miles away that incinerate unsuspecting civilian populations just because the demons controlling more powerful countries want to vent their hate for another leader and their avarice for the spoils of war? You all know what I am talking about. Demons will always be demons. Take comfort in the thought that soon they will be gone from the face of Creation forever!
Truths are released onto this plane by true Avatars (Sons of God) who have come onto this plane to remind us of what has happened and what will happen so that we will be liberated from the prison in which we have been placed by an essence that is inimical to Goodness.
If you cannot think for yourself, if you are dictated to, if you are not free to express your thoughts, what is it you have become? You have become a mindless robot, is that not so? And that is exactly where Religions want you.
They want victims to exploit, to train them to fight others, to drain of their energy. In past days, they drained adherents of their wealth and lands too, as we see occurring in Religious Wars and Inquisitions. They are not about salvation at all.
There is no need for salvation to start with. What People who truly love Goodness need is rescue from the deceiving Religions and this prison we are in.
I repeat, Religions are not a path to God; they are obstacles in the Path to God. They punish the sins that are programmed by their evil system which the susceptible “cardboard boxes” then ‘commit’. We see that clearly and especially when we view the lives and behaviour of born-again Pseudo Christians, religious fanatics, fundamentalists, etc., be they Jews, Muslims or other.
Once you join a Religion (most people are born into one, of course) then you become brainwashed. Adherents are expected to accept that which is dictated to them. They cannot think for themselves in terms of Religion or spirituality. Thus they close their minds off and become bigots in the true sense. They are forced into obeying the directions of those in charge and thus are putty to be moulded anyway the clergy want.
You are zombified, unless you break the bonds that hold you in Darkness and Ignorance. Of course, they threaten with the Fear of Perdition if you leave, and this sees many succumb to the slavery and mind-numbing programming that ensues.
Can you imagine the mental trauma suffered by a Catholic who is excommunicated by the church? The thought that s/he cannot enter heaven, according to the Church, for whatever the reason, would weigh heavily on such a victim if s/he did not realize the Church had no power to victimize anyone in that way in the first place. But, how many indoctrinated by the Church could see through its evil bluff?
As I said, most religious adherents are fanatics, even if they don’t think they are. The classical example is of the door to door Jehovah’s Witnesses who hound the rest of us. They not only seem to be, but they actually are, impervious to logic until miraculously they ‘snap’ out of their zombification. But that is a rare occurrence.
Many ‘good’ people, by whom I mean Viables, are trapped in, and by, Religions. But, as yet, they do not know they are thus trapped and exploited.  They tend to leave their brains at the front door or flush them down the toilet whenever they need to be in religious mode.
There are many reasons why people still attend organized Religions:
·         They see them as social clubs;
·         They have personal reasons not to stir family tradition.
·         They are bored and seek the camaraderie of doing things together with so-called ‘good’ people like them.
·         They are programmed to be like their peers.
·         Eligible ones see the Sunday parade and other church activities as meat markets, no doubt, and that goes for both males and females.
While in religious activities, few really pay attention to the spiritual aspect, especially in cases we know exist where the priests are known ATHEISTS who claim Religions are necessary vectors to instil social obedience and order.
Of course the obedience is exploited and that is how we get the mindless bigots going to WAR to kill the ‘heathens’ and their wives, children, pets, livestock, way of life, religious beliefs, culture, history etc., etc., whenever they are told to do so by governments, religious teachers, Popes, etc.  BTW ‘heathens’ are any who are of a differing Religion, even if it is a splinter group from the main Religion, as we saw with the Protestant Wars.
As I said above, every continent and its indigenes have witnessed the wanton, lustful slaughter by these demented religious zealots who are demons from deepest, darkest Hell. In previous essays, I gave the examples of Cortez, Charlemagne, etc.
Religions are not balm for the soul. They are not harmless, opiate-like soothers to alleviate Man’s suffering. Opium in all its forms eventually kills the body and the mind. And so do Religions when allowed to get their way, as History reveals to us.
They are not pathways to Heaven. They are obstructions leading us to detours that give paths to places of greater pain, suffering and emotional drainage.
Religions as spiritual opiates kill the body, the mind and the spirit of True Beings if allowed to get that far, as we shall see.