Religious Fraudulence

Evil, via its minions on this level, has always obfuscated the Knowledge of what happened to this Dimension. It has always seized the knowledge that the Avatars brought down again and again to remind us of what had happened and why we are trapped, and suffer so. Via their teachings, Avatars urged us to remain faithful to the Light, and nurtured us with pure Divine Energy they brought into the dimension.

Before, I mentioned the ‘Good Aliens’. They are not physical beings at all. They are Consciousnesses (rather, projections of Consciousness) from other pure Levels and Dimensions that make up the Plemora.
Evil has grasped the Truth, giving it a twist, mixed it with untruths to obfuscate the meaning in order to trap unwary minds further. Thus religions were created by the disguised demons using some of the Truths given by Avatars in order to fool the trapped beings.
In the West, most of us are familiar with Judeo-Christianity. Hence, I shall continue to use that Religious basis as an example to highlight the fraud that has occurred and to explain why Religions are killing True Beings spiritually, and often physically as well, as they have done in the not too distant past.
If you think the savagery of what happened was just the waywardness of men making less than subtle progress on an evolutionary path, you would be very wrong. The pain and misery that Religions have imposed and continue to impose on most of us was, and is, very much on purpose.
They continue today, with tel-evangelists in particular, and the Bible bashers, all of whom are nauseating to listen to. They know everything that ‘god’ is thinking, and planning for you. Just give them your money, and that ‘god’ they know will tell you everything you want to know: what job to get, what apparel to wear, what car to drive, etc., etc. It truly does get ridiculous. But, the reality is, millions are trapped by these despicable, demonic con-men and con-women.
New Agers are not much better, and many of them, belonging to the Esoteric State of Awareness, as I have explained elsewhere, claim that they have personal guides, such as their own Guardian Angel, or St Germaine, or his Uncle, or their own Uncle Bob, who give them daily advice on everything from the food to eat that day to the colour they should dye their hair. Ridiculous, isn’t it?
Realize that many compartmentalized eons of existence have occurred on this planet and many other planets. This illicit dimension is vast, and human consciousness had existed even before its inception, although not always clothed in the same physical expressions.
Earth is really an insignificant ‘atom’ in the scheme of things, such is its size compared to the whole Universe. The Christ Energy, the rescuing Energy as we know it, bathes all atoms of this Universe, is on all planets, and in all Solar Systems, Galaxies, etc.
The Essence of Evil is in every particle of the Physical, and the Energy of the Avatars, known colloquially as the Christ Energy, showers every aspect of every particle in the entire Universe to sustain them if they are of Light or if they choose the Light.
So, what is going on in this Earth is being repeated in every planet, every Solar System and every Galaxy forming the Physical Universe, which by the way, as some of you don’t always remember, has multiple sub-dimensions. That is what the Astral and Etheric worlds are.
Why were the truths brought down by the Avatars seized and obfuscated? The reason was so that the trapped Theomorphs, who were literally stunned into unconsciousness by the change, would not know what had happened and what was going on, and thus they would remain more easily exploitable of their energy as they tried to awaken.
Thus, in the Christian Religion, so-called, Jesus, who came to LIBERATE us from the Law, that is, from the antecedent doctrines that held human minds trapped, had His utterings twisted and made into further traps. This occurred to all messages of all the Avatars.
In this day and age, we have the ‘Jesus Package’ offered to the unawakened ones. They are urged to accept Jesus, the Jesus Myth created by the Demons, and if they do so, they must accept the whole package and stop thinking for themselves.
Hence, that act of accepting Jesus into their hearts, no matter how genuine they are, is really a trick to turn them into morons, as we see everywhere with the severely indoctrinated lunatics called the born-again (pseudo) Christian Brigade.
What they accept has nothing to do with the real Jesus who was a Liberator. What they accept is a well-devised trap to turn them into lemmings that can be abused at will by their masters. More of this later, perhaps.
Jesus, like all other Avatars, came to liberate us and to tell us that the Kingdom of God was within us. In other words, The Kingdom of God was not to be found in the rhetoric of the deceiving sacerdotes.
If we believe what Jesus said, namely that he came to liberate us from the Law, that is, the old mind-numbing Religions Laws of the past, and there He was referring to Jehovah’s laws, Jehovah being his enemy, then we are on the right tract.
And, if we believe what He said, namely that the Kingdom of Heaven is within SOME OF US, meaning that we, the True Beings, and Viables, had the Nous within us that told us everything, including how to be happy in this Hell and how to find our way back Home, then we certainly don’t need Religious dictators to tell us what to think and say, nor their institutions in which are incarcerate our minds and spirits. We don’t need their threats of punishment and their spurious promises of Salvation.
Here is a classic example of the trickery of the Religions:
Buying Indulgences with hard currency on this level to shorten the stay in a fiery Purgatory was the epitome of the fraud and hypocrisy of the Christian Church. They had, and have, no shame whatsoever.
From my book Death of an evil God:
The question may be asked as to why other authorities did not resist the destructive authority of the church in times of the Crusades, Inquisition, etc. The truth of it is that they did. However a number of factors assured victory for the church —
1. Some of the church’s activities appealed to the masses (most of whom were programmed evil robots) by its promise to forgive sin, bestow indulgences and a heavenly reward on whoever helped it, regardless of what they had done or would do in future in the course of crusading for it. The worst types of outcasts, dregs of society, criminals, vagabonds, etc., saw themselves as being given a carte blanche and a licence to kill. And kill they did as they pillaged, raped, tortured and murdered in the name of the “Holy Mother, the Church”.
2. Due to the extensive practice of Simony, many were able to buy places in ecclesiastical circles which ensured power, prestige and wealth. These then assisted in any way possible the work of the Church for there was profit in it for them as well as for the church.
Simony was so common that in 1123 AD the First Lateran Council publically and officially suppressed the practice, and the marriage of priests. But of course the practice continued.
This was prominent in every era but particularly around the time of Luther and the Reformation when this practice of selling indulgences was most objected to openly. The avarice was exposed as never before.
The indulgences were also amoral, of course, because it meant the rich could apparently do what they liked and buy their way out of disfavour with the church which was only too glad to get its hands on the loot.
“As soon as the coin in the coffer rings,
The soul from out of Purgatory springs.”
Johann Tetzel 1517.
I am going to use the statement I made above about SOME OF US HAVING THE NOUS to demonstrate the mistranslation that has purposely occurred in the Bible to fool people.
·         The Aramaic Bible in Plain English, republished AS RECENTLY AS 2010, states: ‘……. for behold, the Kingdom of God is within SOME OF YOU!’
The Aramaic version is the most pristine version we have. There we have it in black and white: Jesus is identifying the fact that some are Viable and have the Nous within, whereas some are not viable.
This is a basic tenet of Gnosticism.
·         In the Nag Hammadi Library texts, the designation goes further. It highlights the 3 types of beings in human bodies: True Beings, Robots and Demons as I have called them. They are not called that in the Library, but their description is there and it is clear.
Note that I came across the Nag Hammadi Library and read it some ten years after I had written my books and had described the 3 types of beings that I do continue to describe.
·         The King James Bible was translated when there was only one scholar who read Aramaic out of the 60 odd translators who converted it to English. He died before the opus was completed, and the King had to rely on the previous translation by Erasmus. In that version we have: ‘behold, the kingdom of God is within you.’
·         In the New American Standard Bible we have: ‘For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.’
·         And in the English Standard Version of the Bible published in 2001, we have: ‘for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.’
These are different meanings, are they not?
This is very confusing to say the least. How can such distorted nonsense be the word of the Real God? It’s not of course. It’s the work of DEMONS representing the arch demon Jehovah.
Here are further extracts from my book ‘Death of an Evil God’ that highlight further the deceitfulness and distortions in biblical texts:
‘The various versions of the Bible have layers and layers of additions and corrections and they have been perverted throughout the ages in order to serve the function of the master of this plane, the evil demigod.
‘The Jews have rewritten their version to present themselves in the most favourable light inspite of the facts, and the Catholic Church rewrote its version to give it the power and authority which it did not really have or deserve.
‘Throughout the more ancient texts the word “God” has been substituted for “Goddess”, the Divine Mother. And the extant codices which differ from one another and from the King James version of the 17th century are there for all to examine.
‘There are many examples of plagiarism and perversion throughout the Bible, in the formation of Christian doctrines and in the establishment of an hierarchical institution.
‘Those interested should seek other literature that is now available, by many other authors, to find more examples than the ones I gave in the last chapter and the ones below.
— An Egyptian Hymn to Isis has been copied directly into the Bible as Psalm 89.14.
— The Isis cult was absorbed by the 4th century into the Madonna cult of the so-called Christians, and, in fact, all the pictures of the Madonna and child are pictures of Isis and Her Son, Horus. Many of the sayings and parables have been lifted from elsewhere.
— The Lord’s Prayer is a collection of sayings from the Talmud and many other prayers are derivations from earlier Egyptian prayers to Osiris. The Talmud itself was of Babylonian origin.
— From the cult of Osiris comes the 23rd Psalm: ” The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not Want…”
— The Sermon on the Mount had no original material and this revelation may shock some people. It was made up of fragments from Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, The Secrets of Enoch and the Shemone Esreh. This Sermon was unknown to the oldest Gospel, the apocryphal Gospel of Mark.
— As I have already stated, the Wisdom of Jesus (Sophia of Jesus) after the Resurrection, is a direct copy of the speech of Eugnostos the Blessed which was written centuries before.
— Even the Golden Rule as contained in Leviticus, 19-18 comes from an Akkadian maxim. It is a proverb of Maat, the Mother of Justice in the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, and in Greek doctrine, it is the law of the Goddess, Dike.
Immediately when one confronts the Christian Church with evidence of interpolation, perversion, corruption and plagiarism, the same old rhetoric is used like the one the Catholic Church used when one of its dogmas, the Trinity, was questioned:
‘How, if these verses were an interpolation, could the Holy Spirit who guides and directs the Church, have allowed Her to regard this lofty affirmation of the Trinity as authentic, and permitted its insertion in the official edition of the Sacred Books?’
Well, from the information I have revealed in these volumes, you will know that it was not the Holy Spirit, or the Divine Mother or Her Grace (Shakti) guiding the Church.
In fact, it was the evil essence of the demiurge who not only allowed these interpolations and corruptions, but actually augmented them, in order to deceive the True Beings trapped on this plane.
And, just by the way, if you think this sort of tautological ecclesiastical thinking was something to do with long, long ago, reconsider.  As late as 1897 the Congregation of the Index with the approval of Pope Leo X111 forbad any further research into the origin of the text dealing with the Trinity. The Church forbad not only research but also reading of the Bible by laymen. From earliest times and throughout the Middle Ages possession of a Bible written in the vernacular was a crime, punished by burning at the stake!
To stop people thinking for themselves the church went further. As literacy grew, and minds were being enlightened out of the cloistered darkness, the Catholic Church forbad its clergy from reading newspapers and periodicals in 1854. It condemned socialism, rational thought, civil liberties, freedom of speech and of the press and condemned other religions.
Consider these few scattered examples which dictated conditions to the victims of the so-called Christianity that arose from Judaism:
·         At the turn of the first century AD, a Christian manual called the Didache gave instructions to distinguish between True and false prophets. Of course any who were declared false were slaughtered.
·         In 190 AD, Tertullian, the Christian theologian, declared that anyone who denied the Resurrection is a heretic. Heresy meant the death penalty!
·         In 382 AD the so-called Christian Church officially declared that any opposition to its own recently formulated Nicene Creed in favour of others, must be punished by the death penalty and it was restated that unauthorized possession of a Bible was punishable by death.
·         In 553 AD the Council of Constantinople outlawed belief in Reincarnation.
·         In 1126 Pierre Bruys was burnt at the stake for complaining about Church excesses.
·         In 1229 the Inquisition in Toulouse again publically forbad Bible reading by all laymen.
·         In 1325 the Papal Bull “Cum inter nonnullos” declared that it was heresy to say that Jesus and his Apostles were poor. The Inquisitors were ordered to prosecute any who believed Jesus was a poor man. The group of 114 called the Spiritual Franciscans, who insisted that Jesus was poor, were all burnt at the stake alive.
·         In 1501 burning of books against the authority of the Church was ordered by Papal Bull.
·         In 1536 William Tyndale was burned at the stake for having translated the Bible into English without the church’s approval.
One may well ask: What was there to hide in the Bible that warranted the prohibition of its reading by laymen?
    The Bible is a collection of various articles from various sources which were rewritten, perverted, plagiarized, distorted and confused, added to, deleted and abused in order to suit the aims of the Church Hierarchy.
    It does contain much borrowed Gnostic Truth and Wisdom. Naturally, the church did not want this publicized. This practice of borrowing from others and using as one’s own, giving the necessary twists to suit the occasion, was not a practice of antiquity alone. In fact, as we shall see, it continued right up until the 19th century.
    There is no unbroken line linking the present day bible to the time of Jesus.  The oldest records belong to the 4th century. People such as Jerome, Iraneus, Theodosius, Lactantius and others (church fathers who “established” church scriptures) practised selective editing and extensive revision before destroying that which they felt was not wanted by the Church or was unsafe to keep intact, lest the truth of what they had done be found out.
Hence, what remained was a compilation they created which they were programmed to say represented the Truth. And of course, being minions of the evil Demiurge, they served Evil and not the Truth.  
At that time there was great resistance and protest about what they had done especially from the Gnostic, Coptic and Jewish Christians, but the church hierarchy met these protestors with the sword, labelling them heretics to be destroyed at all costs.
Fortuitously, documents such as those found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and more importantly in the Nag Hammadi Library have given us a greater insight into the literature that was available at the time.
There is no doubt that the texts in the Nag Hammadi library and Dead Sea Scrolls had been declared heretical by the ruling hierarchy which had no respect for facts, and that they were buried by the Essene community which was under attack, in the case of the scrolls, and by the Coptic monks at Nag Hammadi, in the case of the library, in fear of punishment and retribution by the church fathers. Such punishment would have surely come if it was found that they not only conserved, but also cherished these documents which gave glimpses of the truth the church was trying to destroy.
In particular, the Nag Hammadi texts were buried by the Coptic Christian monks of the nearby monastery as an act of defiance and as a fortuitous offering to posterity after the order from the church went out to destroy all documents, books and writings of Gnostic or pagan thought and to only retain those approved by the Church at that time.
In 367 AD Theodore, head of the Pachomian monastery at Tabinnisi near Nag Hammadi, was instructed to read the 39th Festal letter of Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria which condemned heretical books. This was the time of burial of Nag Hammadi Codices.
And of course the power of the Church had grown such that ANY documents of which the Church fathers did not approve were declared of pagan origin or of Gnostic heretics and condemned.
This was the self-proclaimed power of the church which allowed it to destroy and execute at will.
This is the power it claimed and which allowed it, in its view, to later place its murderous inquisitors above the law!
And so it was that in 1252 the Inquisition began to use instruments of torture. The Papal Bull of May 15, authorized the Inquisitors to seize the goods of heretics in Italy, to imprison them, torture and on conviction, to put them to death, all on minimal evidence.
The Papal Bull “Ad Extirpanda” by Pope Innocent I, placed Inquisitors above the law. Every ruler and citizen was to assist them under threat of excommunication.
So powerful did the papacy become that in 1521, at the same time that Pope Leo X conferred the title “Defender of the Faith on King Henry the V111, he ORDERED by papal Bull the Venetian Doge AND the Venetian Senate to execute so-called heretics, even though the Doge and Senate objected!
In the first four centuries after the death of Jesus, the Christian Church went from a persecuted, spiritually tolerant Gnostic movement with factions including Coptics, Gnostic Christians, Jewish Gnostic-Christians and Gentile (Roman) Christians to a power-hungry, temporal, super-hierarchical institution which persecuted and oppressed.
This latter institution became the so-called New Christian movement. It proved intolerant and savage. And these traits of intolerance and savagery were to continue and cause much pain and suffering for the next 1500 years.
It is purposely implied from what I wrote above that Jesus was a Gnostic, as were his physical father and mother. They belonged to the Essences who were Gnostic Jews. That is why He identified the demons and the demiurge, as we see in John 8:44
Metaphysically, the explanation of why this transition of the Church occurred is easy to understand. Remember, this is a book of metaphysics as much as it is of history. My intention is to expose the essences and motivation behind the acts as well as the physical acts. Like all other genuine religions and philosophical scholars and seekers, those who embraced the repeated Gnostic message given by Jesus of Nazareth were at first persecuted by the evil, robots and demons.
The movement was then slowly taken over by those robots and demons and transformed into an oppressive, manipulative institution for the benefit of the evil demiurge. This had occurred to the teachings of Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Plato, etc. and would later occur to the teachings of Manichaeus, Mohammed, and other Divine messengers.
In its transition, the evil church needed to stop men thinking or awakening further to the Truth within them which Jesus, like all the other Messengers of God, had pointed out was within them. It began to oppress them with its own idea of what was right and wrong.
For example, in 180 AD, Bishop Irenaeus wrote 5 volumes entitled “The Destruction and Overthrow of falsely so-called Knowledge” against the Gnostic Truth.
How did he know what was true and what was false? Who gave him the right and authority to judge? He purposely distorted Gnostic thought to make it appear ridiculous and his actions cost many innocent lives. By their actions we know such beings as Evil Archons of the Evil system!
Eusebius claimed to have letters from Irenaeus to establish some authenticity, but none were preserved. Without hard evidence pertaining to the claim, we can either accept this to be true or we can say so much was spurious about Irenaeus, including his martyrdom, that most of the information about him and written by him was either fictional exaggeration or plain lies.
Tertullian declared that anyone who denied the Resurrection was a heretic and was to be put to death in response to the Gnostics who knew that the story was plagiarized from the symbolism of other belief systems and called those who literally believed it, as the church tried to force them to believe, fools!
But Tertullian insisted that it had to be believed because ‘it was ridiculous’. A case of the bigger the lie the greater the chance of it being believed perhaps.
In 225 AD, Hippolytus attacked Gnostics, and the Indian Brahmins as well, as being heretics because he did not want to believe the same things. Then in 230 AD he wrote the “Refutation of all heresies” in order to expose and refute the “wicked blasphemy” of the heretics. What pretentious nonsense this was. Who made him the judge of such things?
In 380 AD the Edict of Theodosius stated that Christianity was to be the official religion of the Roman Empire thus evicting other systems and in the following year the Nicene Creed was confirmed by Theodosius 1 at the General Council at Constantinople as the basis of Christianity. In 382 AD, the Christian Church officially declared that any opposition to its own Creed in favour of others, must be punished by the DEATH PENALTY, and that unauthorized possession of a Bible was punishable by death.
Hence, in the first few hundred years, teachings and thoughts, manuscripts, documents, etc. were changed in a way which most suited the evil controllers. Everything else was discarded – or so they thought. What resulted was a highly-edited compilation of distorted documents which were useless in proclaiming any substantial part of the Truth of things.
About the end of the first century AD a Christian manual called the DIDACHE (also called The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles) gave instruction in chapters 7 to 15 on how to distinguish between true and false prophets.
Although this catechism precursor appears to have been an adaptation of Jewish teachings, which were no doubt adaptations of earlier cultures, as other aspects of the writings show, it needs to be asked:
‘From where, from what or from whom did the infallibility to decide such a thing as the testing of apostles and prophets come, especially as it became a matter of life and death for the ones being tested?’
Naturally those who said what the church wanted them to say were true prophets. The others were false and put to death.
As a result of this and other actions, in 143 AD the expulsion of the Gnostic teacher Valentinus from Rome occurred, even though the bishop of Rome did not gain his predominant position as pope until about the year 200.
Because of the ease with which people were crucified and murdered for the slightest excuse in those days, we have to assume that these measures were overwhelmingly successful.
No compilation of the Bible has remained intact from the early days. Each version was changed and revised as it was rewritten, so much so, that the modern versions such as the King James version and the Revised American version are based on inadequate works of the Middle Ages.
The various codices on which the modern versions are based, such as the codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, etc. date from the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries. In other words they are manifestations of the biblical documents after the Church fathers carried out their “corrections”!
Most versions of the Bible are based on the following:
a. The Codex Vaticanus from the 4th century, written in Greek, now at the Vatican.
b. The Codex Sinaiticus, also in Greek from the 4th century, in the British Museum.
c. The Codex Alexandrinus, in Greek from the 5th century, also in the British Museum.
d. The Codex Bezae from both the 5th & 6th centuries, at Cambridge where the church actually banned the study of Canon Law in 1535.
The most ancient of the Hebrew texts are the 2nd century BC papyri of Nash found in 1902.
The King James version was compiled in 1611. It is the version which contains the infamous estimate by James Ussher, bishop of Armagh, that “the beginning of time… fell on the beginning of the night which preceded the 23rd day of October, 4004 BC.”!!!!
In the 4th century, Jerome, papal secretary, collected some Hebrew manuscripts, edited them and produced the Latin Vulgate which differed markedly from the original texts. Jerome not only destroyed what he thought were all the originals from which he made up his version so the changes could not be discovered, but also refused to identify his helpers whom we guess could have been questioned to divulge the “corrections” that had been made. So much for the truth of things.
The King James Version relied on collections made by Erasmus in the 16th century. Erasmus relied on the Byzantine collection assembled in Constantinople between the 4th and 5th centuries and published them in 1516. Unafraid to speak out, he criticized the clergy for their ignorance, oppressiveness, wantonness and intolerance.
All the above codices differ from one another and from the King James version. No known version of the bible is older than the 4th century. Hence, if one is asked ‘Do you believe in the Bible?’, the reply should be ‘Which Bible, which version?’
Here are some examples of plagiarism and distortions in the Bible:
1.The Creation myth is based on the Mesopotamian Enuma Elish.
2. The untrue Bible version of the early life of Moses is based on the saga of the Babylonian King Sargon.
3. Many of the miracles of Exodus had been earlier described in the life of Isis.
i               Moses’ flowering rod, river of blood and tablets of the law were all symbols of Isis.
ii             Moses’ miracle of drawing water from the rock was first performed by Mother Rhea after she gave birth to Zeus.
4. Joshua stopping the Sun had been also a feat of Isis and Hecata (Diana, Moon Goddess, Queen of Heaven, Patron of midwives) and the Thessalian Great Mother.
5. The Pentateuch was conveniently rewritten by Ezra.
6. References to Reincarnation were removed by the church in the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 AD, a long, long time after the original gospels were supposed to have been written.It stated that: ‘Whosoever shall support the mythical doctrine of the pre-existence of the Soul and the consequent wonderful opinion of its return, let him be anathema.’  Hence, the belief in Reincarnation, which was part of all other religious beliefs and mythological myths around the world, and was included in the Gnostic writings of Plato, only became heretical 5 centuries after Jesus.
7. Again I remind you that the Sophia of Jesus Christ is plagiarized almost word for word from the Gnostic speech by Eugnostos the Blessed as can be seen in one of the texts of the Nag Hammadi Library.
8. The Story of the Resurrection is from the so-called pagan Spring ritual of the birth of Venus, and also from the death of the “Son” of the Divine Mother Aspect at the Northern Spring Equinox (March 21, the date later chosen by the Church for the Easter celebrations, which has nothing to do with the actual date of the death of Jesus) and his Resurrection on the third day to renew the life of the earth.  This story was repeated in all cultures in all eras, and existed long before the Christian Church claimed it for its own.  At the time of emergence of the Christian movement it was a part of the story of Attis, Dionysus (Adonis), Osiris, Mithra and Tammuz and others.  So much for the originality of the story of Jesus dying as the Sole Saviour for our sins, rising on the third day to open the gates of Heaven etc., etc.
9. Ishtar (Aphrodite, Esther of the Old Testament and the Babylonian Queen of Heaven) also descended into Hell and rose on the 3rd day, the Day of Joy! And this story was long before the Church Fathers concocted the Resurrection myth, which was an old myth dressed in different words and all for the sake of fooling the people. And it has!
10. Prayers to Ishtar, the Babylonian Queen of Heaven were plagiarized by Jewish Priests for their version of the Bible as were prayers to Osiris.
The various versions of the New Testament were extensively revised and in the revised Version of 1881, interpolations that had caused much suffering were removed.
a. One example that was removed was the FRAUDULENT ADDITION stating that: “He that believeth not shall be damned!”
b. The fraudulent translation …. “Joseph and his mother”…, intended to preserve the DOGMA of the VIRGIN birth was removed and the original was restored -…. “His father and mother”…!
c. The forged interpolation intended to preserve the Dogma of the Trinity and which stated “For there are 3 who bear record in Heaven, the Father, Word and Holy Ghost” was removed.  These had been added in the 15th century.  
So much for the authenticity of the Bible!  It is really a poorly executed fraud, is it not?  Only the morons and the unawakened are fooled by Biblical and Religious fraudulence.